Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - A Thorn in Your Side (Dragon Challenge)

Hey guys! It’s Shadow346 again- Guildmaster of the Illusions of the Grave Guild on Splinterlands. Today’s battle showcase is a part of the Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge. The challenge was to use a dragon type in battle. What better dragon type to use than Djinn Chawla?

Watch on Mobile Here: ++https://m.splinterlands.io/#/battle/game/process/sl_35834bbfb6d3dd061e13cd2f3d0cc664++

Watch on PC here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_35834bbfb6d3dd061e13cd2f3d0cc664&ref=shadow346

Battle Summary

Restrictions: Melee and ranged attacks always hit their target

Mana Battle Cost: 26

Thoughts Prior to Battle:

I definitely expected melee characters and archers to be present on the enemy team because of the ruleset. The amount of mana I had was perfect for my usual strategy. The thorns ability wouldn’t help against the archers but it would help against any melee attackers.

Battle Formation

Summoner: Drake of Arnak

Drake of Arnak gives all of your characters +1 shields. This was a great move considering the possibility of archers on the enemy team. It prevented the enemy team from hitting me as easily.

1. Djinn Chwla – 2 Melee Attack, 2 Speed, 9 Health, 5 Shield, Thorns **Ability **

Djinn would be my front-line tank. He has a great amount of health and people normally put melee cards in the front. The thorns ability damages melee attackers when they attack your character. I knew that his thorns ability would help to cut down the enemy team’s health over time. Unfortunately for the enemy team, he was going to stay alive for a while during this battle. If one of my healers hadn’t died, he would have stayed alive even longer.

2. Goblin Thief 2 Melee Attack, 2 Speed, **3 Health, Sneak Ability **

For Goblin Thief, I really just wanted the 2 melee attack. You can’t go wrong with characters with extra attack.

3. Wood Nymph – 1 Magic Attack, 1 Speed, 2 Health, Tank Heal Ability

I wish that the Wood Nymph had an extra magic attack point like the Goblin Psychic. But I love to combine those two cards because they make my tank almost unbeatable. At the very least, they keep my tank alive long enough to do some massive damage to the enemy team.

4. Goblin Psychic – 2 Magic Attack, 1 Speed, 3 Health, Tank Heal Ability

I am LOVING the new Goblin Psychic card. It is like an upgrade to the Wood Nymph card because of the extra magic attack and health point. The problem with the Wood Nymph is that she doesn’t do enough damage and she’s too easy to kill due to her low health. If you own and use both cards at the same time, it is super hard to destroy your tank.

My Thoughts on Djinn Chwla

I am never going to STOP loving this dragon type. I normally use Mylor as my green team summoner, which gives my whole team the thorns ability. I would have used Mylor as my summonern if not for this challenge. I needed a dragon summoner to put a dragon type on my team. When I don’t have Mylor as a choice, I like to throw in characters with the thorns ability anyways. So it all worked out. With Djinn’s massive health, he makes a great tank with extra recoil damage. Combine Djinn with a healer or two, and your team is on the way to victory.