Diamonds are a shark's best friend


Diamond III League Achieved

I would've probably made it sooner, but for some reason, I don't hear the oh shit, you're about to flee the battlefield sounds. I'm easily distracted, so sometimes, I end up fleeing in the background while I'm finding something new on YouTube or getting pissed about what some morons on Twitter are talking about.

Two days to go!

It's been a very long time since I've made it to the Champion League at all. My only hope is to make it to Champion III, but we shall see. It seems like even now that we're into Chaos Legion times, most of the powerful cards are from the Alpha/Beta era. At the Champion League level, anyway.


I don't like the idea of renting cards, but I might just have to. I like to think my collection is powerful enough, but I'm definitely missing some pretty important cards. Even though the price of cards is dropping all the time,the Beta cards are still out of my price range at max level. Even if I could afford them, I'd probably save the money to buy Chaos Legion packs when the general sale starts.

Good luck out there!

You'll need it!