Dr. Blight is now at MAX LEVEL!


Screen Shot 20220101 at 11.34.09 AM.png

Look at all of those abilities! What a powerful card. I got five of these in the airdrop, which left it at level 2, with just one card away from being level 3. I bought one then and got it to level 3, which is as far as some of my legendary cards ever get. A lot of the legendary cards are still pretty useful at level 3, and they tend to be pretty expensive. This one isn't available in packs or anything like that, so I wanted to get as many as I could as quickly as I could. I bought some at well below $100, but then the prices went up. As of right now, the value is shown at about $1430, which is probably double what I paid for it, if not more. I suspect that the value will go up in the future, too, as more and more of these cards are purchased to combine them into higher-level cards.

I'll never probably be able to play this one at max level myself, but hopefully it'll fetch a good rental fee. You know, later in the season, when people are actually looking to rent cards. It's bleak this early in the season. I just keep lowering my prices to get anyone to rent them at all. There's a risk in doing that, because you'd think some people might lock them in for the whole season and I'd miss out on the rental fees at the end, but nope... almost everyone rents for 24 hours and only 24 hours.