I am alive challenge / one day as a shark DAY 31

Hunter S. Sharkson

Early morning walk with Stella T. Dog

At around 7 am, it was still pleasant enough for a walk. It got hot really quickly today, though. Now it's about to get stormy again. All we need is an hour or two of decent, dry conditions and we can get out for a walk. We're not the type of people that go out no matter what. We do walk during the winter, though. I'm more concerned with the heat because Stella tends to overheat easily. Maybe it's that she's black from head to toe.

Stella T. Sniffer

Walk, work, errands, play, cook, play, bed.

My day was just one thing after another. Our walk was the first thing I did pretty much, to get out there as early as possible, as I mentioned. Then I started work right away try to make sure I could get in a full day, or at least close to a full day.

After that, I cleaned up the kitchen, which is something we have to do all the time because we cook all of the time. It's a good problem to have, I guess. It means we're eating well.

Splinterlands update: LEGENDARY rewards card!

It's been a while since I got a legendary reward card! I can upgrade this one to the next level up, which I'll do after the rental is over in about five hours. Then I can rent it out for a little more because it will have a new ability. Like I said yesterday, there's always some maintenance to do with the rentals and general collection stuff.

I did some quests on a few different accounts that I have. It's nice to be able to get 6 rewards chests in Bronze league by using the quest potions. Overall, I think those quest potions are really paying off.

Legendary rewards!

Have a good night!

Here's a photo I took on the early morning walk with Stella. I used a filter in an app called Pixlr to make it look a little more fun.


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