SPS Staking Rewards Fall Below 100% APR


We knew it was only a matter of time, but it finally happened. SPS staking now pays less than 100% APR. While this is still an insanely high payout rate, it does mark a significant decline from the original staking rewards rate. This rate is determined by the amount of staked SPS in the rewards pool as the more SPS is staked, the smaller everyone's share of the rewards pie.

The amount of staked SPS has soared to over 90,000,000 tokens, which is almost half of the current supply of 220,000,000. I expect the number of staked SPS will rise significantly higher once the Chaos Legion pre-sale begins too so this APR will continue to fall over the course of the 307 remaining days in the SPS airdrop.

99.9% APR Is Awesome!

So how much is 99.9%? Well, it's about 10x the average annual return of the US Stock markets. It's 990x the rate on my savings account. It's higher than just about any other place you could put your money, but best of all the staked SPS is going to get you Chaos Legion pack tokens which will be extremely valuable once the pre-sale begins sometime in the coming weeks.

I'm continuing to HODL and am looking forward to those sweet Chaos Legion packs when they drop. What are you doing with your SPS?

Featured Battle

I always try to find a fun battle to feature in each of my posts. Here's one I had today where I encountered Lava Launcher for the first time.


Watch this battle.
When I first saw the lineup I thought for sure I was going to lose this battle. My Mylor Crowling would only be effective against my opponents tank, but somehow I was able to wear them down with my Rexxie and Timesplitter Orc to take down the Lava Launcher and Mantoid.

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