$90,000+ to Make the Top 6 on Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Leaderboard



With four days left in the initial Chaos Legion pre-sale voucher airdrop and just over 12 days left to acquire pre-sale power packs, things are starting to heat up on the leaderboard!

I think the most competitive slots will be 1-6 as those players will get to design their very own Legendary Summoner that will be part of the pre-sale airdrop. Let's take a look at how much it costs right now if you want to join the ranks of the top 6:

Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Leaderboard


In first place is @kush-hyg with 9,600 pre-sale packs purchased. Assuming all these packs were purchased with the 20% bonus, that means a total of 8,000 were purchased and 1,600 are bonus. Those 8,000 vouchers are worth $18.67 each on Hive-Engine right now, or $149,360 for all 8,000.


In order to acquire the pre-sale pack, they also need to purchase the pack itself for $3.60 each (assuming they paid with SPS for the 10% discount). That's another $28,800, for a total value of $178,160 to be in 1st place on the leaderboard. But there is still almost two weeks left in the pre-sale and only 307,128 out of 1,000,000 packs have been sold so anything can happen!

So, we now know that 1st place is going to cost you at least $178,160 but let's look at what it would cost to be in 6th place and still get that Legendary Summoner design perk:

4,801 packs are currently required for 6th but let's just round it off to 4,800 for simplicity sake. Those 4,800 packs are likely the result of buying 4,000 packs for $74,680 worth of VOUCHER tokens and $14,400 worth of packs for a grand total of $89,080.

Six Figure Whales

I think it is obvious that the top-6 finishers in the pre-sale leaderboard will exceed the $100,000 mark so it's fair to say the value being placed on designing a Splinterlands card is pretty high! To cross the $100,000 mark, assuming VOUCHER prices stay constant, would mean purchasing 4,500 packs (and receiving 5,400 total). (4500 x 18.67 = 84,015) + (4500 x 3.60 = 16,200) total = $100,215.

But look on the bright side, not only will you be able to design your own Legendary Summoner, but you'll also get 4 legionnaire titles and at least 90 Promo Cards and 4 Gold Foil Promo Cards too for that $100,000+.

Chaos Legion Predictions & Strategy

I have been following the Chaos Legion pre-sale closely from before it began and not in my wildest dreams did I expect the price of VOUCHER tokens to stay near $20 each throughout the entirety of the pre-sale. I remember before the pre-sale that most people were predicting a price below $5 and I was the crazy one talking about $10 VOUCHERs... well not even I got it high enough.

Another prediction of mine went the other direction, with SPS. I really expected SPS prices to stay high throughout the pre-sale, especially because VOUCHER prices stayed so high. But the opposite happened and we have seen a slow bleed in the price of SPS from a high of a little over $1 before the presale began to a low of under $0.50 today.


With talk of VOUCHERs being required for the next 1 or 2 million Chaos Legion packs sold after the pre-sale, I figured that would help buoy SPS prices, but it hasn't. It seems without a major use-case, the SPS price may continue to slide for a while. I hedged my own SPS investment by unstaking it when the VOUCHER drop started so I have been collecting VOUCHERs throughout the airdrop but also selling my SPS on the way down and keeping it in HIVE until I see where things settle. This has proved somewhat profitable as I'm able to monetize the VOUCHER airdrop and sell SPS higher than it is today.

For now, I'm keeping myself liquid and preparing to make a big purchase of Chaos Legion packs once the sale to the general public begins. There are many that are predicting the packs will sellout on day 1 of the general sale, but I don't think it will go quite that fast. We will just have to wait and see!