The Pursuits of Glory (1st Edition)


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Greetings and salutations one and all, and thanks for stopping by to see what's happening in the guild!

We've been discussing a lot of interesting things in the discord channel so I thought I'd put together a summary of some of the ideas floating around and get input on how to execute them.

As you all know we've been looking into ways to organize our time here into a more productive and enriching experience for all and some of the thoughts surfacing around that include...

  • Setting up and growing an official guild account to lead the community
  • Setting up a rewards system for top guild performers
  • Setting up a "loaner deck" for brawls.
  • Setting up a system to compensate members who contribute to growth beyond just playing.
  • Incorporating outside tools to monetize every aspect of membership.
  • Determining how to balance player/content contributor rewards

To start, I think having an official headquarters to lead the community will go a long way towards getting organized, so I've delegated 100 HP to this account, to match the 100 delegated by @azircon, and hope every member considers doing likewise. Growing stake to reward good content is a fairly simple and straight forward way to begin and we already have members posting great content, so I think an official acknowledgement with an upvote from the official account is appropriate and in line with the over all goal. For the time being, all rewards earned from this account will be converted to hive and powered up although I also like the idea of putting HBD into savings and earning interest until we decide how to allocate it. I definitely think we need more discussion around it.

Next, I'd like to point out that members should tag shieldofglory to all relevant posts so they show up in the peakd community. There's a link to it pinned in the general channel in the guild discord if you aren't familiar with it.

Also, I'd like input on administrative duties. For instance, who does the official account follow? Should it follow all members, or only Splinterlands related content? Personally, I think I should remove individuals, and follow only official Splinterlands accounts, but if anyone wants to dedicate an account to Splinterlands content, I don't see why we wouldn't follow that. Thoughts appreciated.

I also think we should discuss a weekly post to build a collection. Maybe several, including one for Brawl related posts, another for tournaments, and one for ranked reports, at least, but we can expand on those as growth demands.

Thoughts on topics for future discussions

  • SPS Governance
    What goals are appropriate and reasonable to pursue in regard to how we exercise our authority? We have quite a few members with considerable SPS holdings so we should begin to think about how to leverage that.

  • Non-member Incentives
    Why would anyone outside our small group care about our ambitions and achievements? How do we make the Shield of Glory community appealing to others?

So, that's all I have for now. Sound off in the comments, or in discord and let's see what we can do with it.

Sinistry out