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I come through this post to share the battle I chose to use in the "weekly challenge", where the original link of the post containing the full explanation of how to do it and how it works can be accessed here SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! ANT MINERS.

🐲Ant Miners🐲


The special card chosen for this challenge is the ant miners, a fire-type card that costs 2 mana and has an initial stat of 1 attack, speed and health. His special ability is the scavenger, which grants +1 life to each monster that dies, friendly or not.

I don't use it much, because I consider it more as a key card for some types of battles, such as when you have the "Reverse Speed" rule, using the summoner Malric Inferno (+1 attack for melee) or when you have the "Earthquake" or "Noxious Fumes" rule (all monsters take 2 damage). Depending on the strategy, you can leave her with a lot of life increasing her chances of being the last survivor.

🐲Rules, Strategy and Battle🐲

The battle can be seen in full on the link:

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12 mana, Fire 🔥, Water 🌊, Death 💀 and Dragon 🐲 allowed;
Noxious Fumes = All monsters take 2 damage at start of turn, from round 2 onwards, ignore shield.
Equalizer = The life of all monsters is equal to the life of the monster with the most life.

Before starting the battle, what I thought by the defined rules, was to use the fire summoner Pyre because of the +1 in speed, so with that the chances of attacking first would be higher, dealing damage to opponent monsters to leave them with 2 or less life to be terminated by the poison.

Cerberus = I consider one of the best tanks with his ability to recover health, besides he fits well when he's low on mana;

Ant Miners = Because of her skill and the combo she had thought (attack first + poison to finish), with that the idea was to make her increase her life a lot and guarantee the game;

Fire Beetle = Your sniper skill was designed to catch long-range enemy monsters;

With the equalizer ability, everyone got 5 health, this gave me even more advantage with Ant Miners.

Round 1

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Speed vs Attack, when starting the game I already imagined that it would be difficult and that maybe my strategy would not work. But I also imagined that if no attack was missed, the enemy cerberus would fall and with that my chances of victory would already be very high.

Round 2

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My Cerberus went down and that worried me, but then our ant glowed more than I could have imagined, holding all the damage and becoming my last active card.

Round 3

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When starting the turn the poison did its job, leaving only 1 card from my opponent that Ant Miners brilliantly finished.


A battle I thought I was going to lose, but in the end it all worked out. Ant Miners is a key card for some battles when there are some specific rules, the process is knowing how to look and understand the context of the fight we are going to have.

For this reason, we must always analyze beforehand, which options we have and which ones fit better at the moment of the fight. Taking it easy and having good analysis is essential! See you next time!

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