Venari Bonesmith With 24 Of Life!

Hello Everyone, All Right With You?

I would like to share with you a battle in which I managed to get Venari Bonesmith to 24 health! In a nutshell, I find it funny and curious when we can make a monster get so much life or get a lot of attack, for example.

First of all, the replay is here:

The battle was done with all elements active and two rules: Silenced Summoners and Equalizer. My opponent used a The Gorlodon that has 12 health, so all monsters got that initial health.

I really like this card, as it has a lot of potential to go up in health and become a second tanker and for its 4 mana cost, it easily enters decks with low mana.

My battle setup was this one, in which I already explain the strategy:

Haunted Spirit = Tanker and Life Recovery
Shadowy Presence = Hold the sniper attackers
Venari Bonesmith = Magic attack and the possibility of getting a lot of life
Twisted Jester = Card with cost 4 with very good stats and sniper ability

Thanks to everyone for your attention to my post and for your support.

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