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Otto had always been fascinated by ancient civilizations and their mysterious ruins. So when he received a grant to excavate a temple deep in the jungle, he jumped at the opportunity.

As he and his team began to uncover the temple, they were amazed by its size and grandeur. But as they delved deeper, they began to realize that this was no ordinary temple. The carvings on the walls depicted grotesque, monstrous beings unlike anything they had ever seen before. The team couldn't help but feel a sense of unease as they continued to uncover more and more of the temple.

One night, as the team was working late, they heard strange noises coming from the depths of the temple. They initially assumed it was just the jungle animals, but as the noises grew louder, they realized that something was definitely not right. Suddenly, they were confronted by a horde of horrific creatures, straight out of their darkest nightmares.

The team tried to flee, but the creatures were too fast and too many. They were quickly overwhelmed, and the archaeologist found himself face to face with the monstrous being that seemed to be the leader of the horde.

The archaeologist realized, with horror, that the temple was not a place of worship, but rather a prison for these ancient, eldritch beings. He and his team had unknowingly released them from their confines and were now paying the price.

The archaeologist and his team were never seen again. The only thing that remained was the temple, now open to the world, and the unspeakable horrors that lurked within it.


I just started a new Community on HIVE! C/Horror & Scifi

A community for aficionados of Horror & Scifi content.. fact or fiction! We feature content such as art, comics, movies, news, fiction and such related to the genre of horror and fiction. Think of this as the X-Files of the HIVE. Seen a ghost in the closet or took a picture of a UFO.. please feel free to share it here.

Also give us a follow if you just enjoy this kind of content! Thanks and have a nice day!

link is here


¡Acabo de empezar una nueva comunidad en HIVE! C/Terror y ciencia ficción

Una comunidad para aficionados al contenido de terror y ciencia ficción... ¡realidad o ficción! Presentamos contenido como arte, cómics, películas, noticias, ficción y todo lo relacionado con el género de terror y ficción. Piense en esto como los Expedientes X de HIVE. Viste un fantasma en el armario o tomaste una foto de un OVNI... no dudes en compartirlo aquí.

¡También dénos un seguimiento si simplemente disfruta de este tipo de contenido! ¡Gracias y que tenga un buen día!

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Amazing skills!! Wish you the best for your community! :)

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