Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! My Drawing :----- GRIM REAPER

** Hello everyone **
I'm back with a new character drawing on the Splinterlands card. Every week I draw a picture of a Splinterland card and share it on various social media. Today I want to draw a new character on the Splinterland card. His name is ** GRIM REAPER **. This monster is very beautiful. I'm trying to draw a GRIM REAPER picture. I hope you like my drawing.

It's My Finished Drawing


Original image source : https://splinterlands.com/?p=card_details&id=245&gold=false&edition=3&tab=lore

Everything you need to draw this image:

  • Clipboard.
  • A4 Paper.
  • Black Gel Pen.
  • Color pen.
    With these things we can draw "GRIM REAPER" image.

So let's start the process of drawing the image:

I will draw the picture with black pen gel. Now I will draw the head, nose, face and eyes of this picture.


Then I will draw some more parts.


Next I will draw the outer part around the image. When drawing an outline for drawing any drawing is easy.


Then I draw the inside of the picture with a black pen. The inner parts have to be drawn well. This drawing is now suitable for coloring.



Now I will add color to the picture, first I will add light red color.


I will then add purple to some parts of the image.


Then I will add orange & light blue color to the image.



Finally I will add one of the black colors of the picture. Now the drawing looks beautiful. I'm done drawing.


I try to take a selfie with each art .


I hope you like my drawing. You can also draw different pictures of Splinterland cards. And can make some income.
You can participate if you want?

Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!! Here

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I hope you all support me and encourage me to work, I will always try to give a good blog.

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