Life Dragon Magic Combo - Splinterlands

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  • No healing monsters allowed, no melee monsters allowed

  • 34 Mana cap limit

  • I went with a +1 magic dragon summoner and a magic Life team.

  • In 1st I had a non-attack type with decent speed, the Flying ability to evade enemy ranged attacks, and Magic Reflect to send back reduced magic damge.

  • In 2nd, I had a magic monster with high health and the Rally ability to raise all my other monsters health stat.

  • In 3rd, I had a magic monster with Flying ability.

  • In 4th, I had another magic monster but with the Slow ability to decrease the enemy team's speed stats.

  • In 5th I had a magic monster with Blast to do additional splash-damage to adjacent enemy targets.

  • In 6th I had another magic monster with Life Leech so that every attack of his gives him more life.

  • The enemy had a +1 speed fire summoner and mostly range monster team with one Blast monster at the end.

  • My non-attack type did not last long but my blast and slow monsters were able to whittle the enemy down.

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