Death Magic vs Life Magic - Splinterlands

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  • No Opportunity or Sneak abilities, which means last and weakest monsters can't be targeted--only 1st monster can be attacked.

  • Divine Shield means all first attacks are ignored, which can be stacked with Revive

  • No Fire Splinter monsters or summoners allowed.

  • 56 mana cap

  • I went with a magic-boost Dragon summoner, Delwyn Dragonscale.

  • I led with a medium melee tank with Taunt and Flying ability and medium speed and high health, after that--I followed with medium-magic mosnter with Void Armor and medium armor and high health. Taunt draws all enemy attacks toward itself. Flying increases evasion from melee and ranged attacks, while Void Armor makes enemy-magic eat up armor points first instead of health.

  • I put a low magic monster in third with Blast and Knockout--Blast does reduced splash-damage adjacent targets and Knockout does double-damage when enemy is stunned but there was no Stun.

  • Next up I had two Life-Leech monsters with low health. The first has high magic, the second medium magic but also the Flying ability.

  • In last place, I had a high-magic monster with lots of health, the Flying ability, and the Cripple ability which lowers enemy max-health with each successful hit.

  • The enemy team had an armor-boost Life summoner.

  • Their line-up was a melee tank with Taunt, one high-magic monster, two medium-magic ones, one low-magic healer, and low-range healer.

  • Two of their monsters had the Revive ability and the Tank Heal ability. Revive brings back to life a recently-defeated monster while Tank Heal heals the monster in first place.

  • They also had a Life Leech monster, which takes takes enemy health when it attacks.

  • One of their medium-magic monsters had Repair which fixed 1st monster armor which would've been tough if I didn't have magic monsters.

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