Account Upgraded to Silver III


I've upgraded my account to Silver III by buying power.

I was once again end of season rent cancelled. This has always been an issue and I finally had enough of it and bought my own power for Silver III.

My purchase plan was based on playing in the Modern format and included mostly Chaos Legion cards because they currently have the best Collection Power/Cost Ratio.

I bought and leveled up cards for max level Bronze decks across all splinters giving me a wide variety of playable options. It has been my experience that in Silver III most accounts run level 1 summoners so having level 2 summoners performs well enough.

I own 2 level 2 summoners and plan to rent other level 2 summoners as needed. Buying additional level 2 summoners is now my top priority.

I leveled my most used Common cards to level 3. I leveled my most used Rare and Epic cards to level 2. I bought a variety of level 1 Legendaries.

I was not overly concerned about meeting critical break points for the cards more than I was in obtaining variety and cost efficient power. If a level 3 Common or level 2 Rare/Epic only gave me 1 Speed or Health but had a good Collection Power/Cost Ratio then I bought it. If a Rare, Epic or Legendary card wasn't something I use often but had a good Collection Power/Cost Ratio then I bought a level 1.

In the end it actually became a bit challenging to decide what useable cost efficient cards for a level 2 Summoner I wanted to add to my deck.

It would have been cheaper to just buy in bulk the best Collection Power/Cost Ratio cards but I was more focused on useable cards for level 2 Summoners.