The Rule Set


Heavy Hitters: All Monsters have the Knock Out ability. Use a monster with Stun ability. There is a 50% chance that your monster with Stun will be able to stun enemy monsters, but if successful, all your monsters will deal double damage to that stunned opponent.

Explosive Weaponry: All Monsters have the Blast ability. The best strategy is to have fast monsters with Snipe, Sneak, Opportunity. For defense, Shield and Void will come in handy.

The Battle

Low mana with blast can prove to be a challenging team to put together due to many of the monsters available might have low health and can be taken out by well placed Blasts. I attempted to improve my chances by using a Summoner that boosted Health.


The Lineup

I used Mother Khala to give my generally low health monsters a +1 to Health. This Summoner also only costs 3 Mana compared to primary Chaos Legion Summoners that costs 4 Mana. The 1 Mana cost difference can be beneficial in low Mana games.

For only 1 Mana, more than 1 Health and an attack I went with Gargoya Scrapper as my front line mostly as a meat shield for my primary tank.

It might not hit hard or be speedy but with good shield and health for the Mana cost it's hard to beat Blinding Reflector as a primary tank in low Mana battles

There were many options for 2 Mana in this position. I wanted to get out damage early in the game so I wented with a range attack card.

Celestial Harpy is one of my favorite low Mana cost attack cards. With Flying, I'll place it in middle for survivability or in the back for it's improved dodge chances. Opportunity is a solid strategy when expecting low Health cards.

Next Up Is Our Theme Card, the Time Mage

Rarity: RARE
Element: LIFE
Attack: MAGIC
Abilities: Slow


Time Mage is a staple for my Life decks as in general the cards are slow so I like to slow down my opponent. I was expecting some low Health cards so I wanted my attacks to land first as much as possible to take advanted of the Explosive Weaponry Ruleset

Lasty I placed a Soul Fiend to protect against any potential Sneak Attacks.

Did It Work?

My strategy did work with a little bit of RNG luck. I was well countered. Their Summoner negated my Summoners Health bonus. It came down to the wire and in the end a non attack monster ended up as their last card standing and that resulted in my vitory.

If would have had a Lorna Shine then I would considered using it as my Summoner.

A solid replacement for the Herbalist is Dax Paragon.

Do I like the TIME MAGE

The Time Mage is one of my favorite cards to play with the my life deck. Many life cards are slow. With the Slow Ability the Time Mage can level the playing field.


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