Useful tips for getting hive/sps into game or hive engine for players in exchange restricted areas. ie. New York

So getting hive or sps to the hive chain can prove very difficult for some U.S. citizens, especially the ones that are unlucky enough to be in a state that is ultra restricted from the crypto community (like New York). It took a few hours for me to finally get any coins into the game, especially since I was working from an ipad and thus had no access to metamask which unfortunatly splinterland does mot provide any address or option to manually transfer sps tokens from bsc chain.

So tyeir are 2 options that ive found to be the cheapest and quickest way to get coins to hive. The first option is the only option if you dont have access to metamask at the time. Option 2 is an alternative but requires metamask and it will cost you a little extra in fees also due to the extra transfer needed.



B.) You dont have to have an account to make swaps but I suggest making an account just because you can get cashback from the loyalty program from your exchanges when you have an account. You will also minimize any fees by using the ref link I provided but uou dont have to use it if uou dont want to. You can always manually goyo the site.

C.) on this site you can swap numerous different coins for hive coins. I normally always use xlm for my transfers because its super fast and almost no cost but this site dont swap xlm for some reason so I personally just buy Ada from coinbase then select ada for payment and select hive for the coin I want to recieve.

D.) then just put your hibe account address into the box that asks for the address to recieve your hive. (note: your address is whatever name you used in splinterlands, all lowercase and dont put an @ symbol at the start)

E.) leave the memo blank and click exchange.

F.) a screen will popup telling you to send the ammount of coins you choose to the address on screen. Dont forget to provide the memo number if one is provided when sending your payment.

G.) within 30-60 seconds of your payment being confirmed on whatever network you used for payment your hive will appear in your hibe wallet.

H.) Now you can use to buy sps or dec, etc with your hive coins. Alternatively you can swap your hive for dec directly from splinterlands by clicking the + next to the dec info on the top of the splinterlands screen.

I.) if you buy sps or dec from hive-engine then your last step is to click the sps or dec (whichever you want to move from hive-engine to game) on top of the splinterlands screen. (Note: dont click the + thats next to the dec or sps you need to click the actual box to the left of the + sign. Then just put the ammount of coins and select hive-engine wallet for the wallet and click transfer in.

I did not include any directions for using hive-engine because their are plenty of good guides easily searchable in a search bar. My main concern is helping restricted players to exchanges get coins onto the hive chain.

2.) I am not going to be detailed about the process of the swap site because its basically the exact same process as in #1 as far as making the swap goes. Only xlm is an option this time.

A.) goto and select the coin you will pay with and select sps for the coin you will recieve. And provide the bsc wallet address that you want your sps payment to be sent too (with metamask access)

B.) once you have your sps payment in your bsc wallet click the sps wallet that is on the top right side of your splinterland webpage (to the left of the + sign not on the +).

C.) input the number of sps you wish to transfer to the game and then select binance smart chain from the drop down and click transfer in.

D.) your metamask extension should popup asking you to approbe the transaction right after you click transfer in. Just approve the transaction and your sps will appear in game within 1-2 minutes.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will be glad to help.

P.s. option 2 is also a good option if you dont know how to use hive-engine or just dont want too. The transfer fee on bsc is extremely cheap anyhow. It may even be cheaper then the 1% hive fee you have to pay to transfer your hive to hive-engine to use the hive dex


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