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When it comes to building a dragon deck it is the one spot in my splinterlands career I am lacking. I normally never even play dragon as I am in bronze/silver and its not a common card to fight or use.

I will break down the cards I used in the battle, I broke down more detail in the video so feel free to watch that.

The short reason for picking this summoner is the +1 armor, I have 2 summoners to choose from and the extra armor can really help for only 1 mana. ( Watch Video for me details)

The Drake of Arnak is a medium-sized Dragon hybrid. He is highly intelligent and extremely rich, but cannot fly nor breathe fire. All his life he has honed his skills as a summoner, hoping to win a share of the glory that should rightfully be his as a carrier of the fire blood. The Drake's trademark is that his monsters are summoned to battle with a thin force field of blue fire, fortifying their defenses. Forms have been filed by the High Council to formally request that the Drake of Arnak hand over his secrets for the good of the united Gloridax, but he will not give up his proprietary magic without a fight. The Drake of Arnak is the Gloridax rival of Daria Dragonscale; the two despise one another.



First Postion - DJINN CHWALA

The main reason I chose this monster for the first spot is the thorns, With thorns in the first spot, it almost guarantees the death of the first monster due to it using melee. For 8 Mana it is a costly monster but it was a nice high mana battle.

Dawn of the Djinn 4 of 4 - Only a short time after the Djinn were released, most of them were already seeing their elemental captivity as a blessing rather than a curse. They had far greater power than before, now that they were working with the force of the Planet at their backs. Pursuit of power was at the core of Belludae beliefs, so most of them would make small sacrifices for greater power.


Second Postion - DJINN OSHANNUS

Second Position I actually put the wrong monster in, I wanted the monster with reach but the DIJNN is still an epic or should I say legendary monster to have behind the melee tank.

Dawn of the Djinn 3 of 4 - The Djinn are angry at the way they were tricked by the Planet, but also appreciative that they can now enjoy this limited freedom, each trapped by natural forces. The Djinn possess powerful ancient magic of their own, which is now charged into the force of one element for each of them. The ancient demons of war are an awkward bunch to be chosen as a planetary defensive force, but they are also impressively capable of the job. As long as they are bound by the Planet, they will do its bidding. Whatever their would-be choices and allegiances, they will fight against the Chaos Legion to protect the sixth mana gate.



This card was supposed to use reach and be in second place being the DJINN CHWALA, I mean in the third it was still useful after the DJINN CHWALA died but I think it would have been better if it was attacking from the start.

The Twilight Basilisk is one of the fiercest predators that lives in the sands surrounding the Draykh-Nahka city of Centrum. They are considered reptiles in the snake family, although some older residents of the Dragon Splinter think of them as Dragon relatives. Basilisks are the largest type of snake in the Splinterlands, but it only takes a small amount of their venom to kill a bronk.


In the last 3 spots I wanted some fast monsters, I was not sure if this was going to pay off taking three 2 mana monsters over taking say a healer and another smaller mana monster but in the end, it was the right move.




Round 1

As you can see if round one I was able to take out his front tank, as well as almost take out the second place monster.


Round 2

Right away the DIJNN was taken out, Which I thought was going to be the end of my team but at this point the twilight Basilisk was finally able to attack.


Round 3

By round 3 I had almost set the win, I was down to the ranged and we know they don't attack from the first position without close range.


Round 4

By round 4 I had lost the second DIJNN, This is fine as I only had one range and 1 magic monster. By the end of the round, it was clear I was going to lock in the win


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