WOO - Can Hive P2E Games Become a Full Time Job?


Greetings to everyone on Hive.

It's @skyehi and for today's blog, I'm going to answer a very important question most people on Hive especially the newcomers would ask.

Can Hive Play-to-earn, P2E Games Become a Full Time Job?

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Well before giving an answer to this particular question, for Hive gaming to become a full time job to any gamer out there, the earning potential should be high enough to handle the bills of an average person.

This is why the answer to that question is; Yes and no depending on where you live.

You see currencies of different countries vary just like how the value of different cryptocurrency tokens vary. One Bitcoin is way more than 1 Ethereum which is also at the moment way more than 1 Hive.

That's exactly how different currencies of countries vary. Now I have heard and even seen that on average a good gamer on Splinterlands game or the soon to be released WOO game could earn about 5 to even 10 dollars per day playing the game.

Now in a country like the United States of America, earning 5 or let's even say 10 dollars a day would only make you about 300USD per month. I wonder how many people can comfortably live in the US with that kind of income. It would be extremely difficult and maybe next to impossible.

Infact the founder of Wrestling Organization Online, WOO once had a live discord meeting with his players and game enthusiasts which included myself.

At the tail end of the live stream while we were just about to wrap the meeting up, he made mention of the fact that he bought groceries worth over $300 USD.

So you see, groceries alone can be as expensive or even more expensive. So a gamer in the united states making this much would definitely struggle.

However let's just switch up the countries and see what happens. Let's take a country like Ghana in West Africa. The currency they use is called Cedi and its value in comparison to USD is currently over 10 Cedis to 1 Dollar.

This means that the dollar is more than 10 times the value of their currency. If the gamer is playing and earning over 300 bucks a month in Ghana, it can totally be a full time job and would even be considered as a successful and profitable job in the country.

So it's really a matter of the value of the currency of the country you live in.

So yes, Hive gaming and even infact Hive itself can be a full time job for certain people in certain countries.

Let's take a country like Venezuela. With the rate of their currency, you could tell that Hive gaming can totally be a full time job for the people.

However in Europe and America or other countries whose currency values are very high, the best advantage for the gamers is not full time gaming and earning per month but the long term investment.

Some people have played the games on Hive and even contributed quality posts for years and have earned tens of thousands of dollars doing it. Tens of thousands of dollars is a lot of money no matter where you are in the world.

There's one of the guys on Splinterlands who invested over 50,000 dollars in rentals and earns on average about 300 dollars a month passively without doing anything.

He could just sit back earn dividends from his rentals and also wait for the value of the Splinterlands in-game assets to rise and take a huge Profit pay day.

I can only imagine if someone from a country whose currency value is pretty low, staying on Hive, playing the Hive games, sharing Quality content and connecting with people would make in the long run.

Because if we take the people from Ghana or Nigeria, the value of USD 10,000 would be more than ten times for them, so I really envy them. 😂

So I believe this brief blog answers the question; Can Hive P2E games become a full time job?

However, playing the game and winning to earn the game Tokens is not exactly the only way to earn. These games like WOO and Splinterlands have different in-game assets like cards or NFTs, crates or chests with rewards and other assets that are all very valuable.

Players of these games have a simple choice to make. It's either to use the Crypto HODLers principle and hold on to these in-game assets till the value rises and sell it off or use the trader's principle and sell off the in-game assets the moment they earn it.

Becoming a HODLer while playing these Hive P2E games is one of the best ways to assure your financial success through these games. I'v seen the value of in-game assets rise exponentially making the gamers very successful.

However I would strongly advice that you take great caution when investing into any game especially outside of the Hive Blockchain.

The reason is that I'v searched for a lot of P2E games outside of Hive and found out that quite a lot of them are scam sites waiting to take your investments, lock it up and use a fraudulent means to kick you out of the game or never allow you to make withdrawals.

I'm very confident to say that that's not the case on Hive and you can definitely trust the games on Hive.

Well guys this was a rather brief blog and I'm happy to have contributed my answer to this popular question. This blog is totally open for other views and opinions regarding the blog's question.

However I'll leave you with this, no matter how little you earn from something, being the best at it always pays off good. Entering the Hive Game world is a fun experience and it shows you an entirely different side to Hive.

It's a proof that Hive can be lots of fun and the potential for the Blockchain to rise is there. Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Have a lovely day and catch you next time on Wrestling Organization Online. Bye Guys ❤️

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Yes here my currency is worth less than Ghana so I could do well on$10 a day. However it requires a big investment first which can be challenging for us in the third world.


Wow really, your currency is even lower? Wow that means you stand the chance of earning really good. I'm very hopeful that as you keep making good content and playing to win the Matches you'll be able to gather enough Capita to invest.

I'm so happy the games are helping you dear friend


It can work, but it is a slow process.
For ex. My curation income is now more than $50 month but it took time to reach there.


Wow your curation is more than 50 dollars? That's a lot. I consider that as Hive Success. You definitely have a believer in my friend. Congrats on your great achievements 👍