WeedCash Daily Curation Report & BURN & Contest - 15 - Win a NFT or Two Contest - Free NFTs - Total Weed burned 304


I am loving the number of posts we had over the last 24 hours, I was able to swing some votes from 40-80%. If you read this and wonder why you don't get a higher vote well the quality of the posts is how the vote is given. I like to reward posts that have some style and effort put in. You can use THIS POST to figure out how to format your post better. This will honestly lead to more hive votes over time as well.














I thought about tagging the creators of the posts but again that may be SPAM so I have stopped doing that in hopes they just comes to check out this post and see they made the list. I am thinking over time as we get more posts I will feature 10 of the top post I vote for that day.

Make sure to go check out these posts and swing some comment love on them, This is always engaging for people to keep posting. I mean rewards are nice but activity is better.

I am going to just keep staking and delegating to this account from my main account payouts. This will help push better curation rewards.

Check out the weekly curation report and burn post - https://www.weedcash.network/@skylinebuds-weed/weekly-weedburn-report-burning-weed-weekly-and-giving-rewards-on-the-daily-week-2


As with all the curation reports I am doing more giveaways. This will always try to include some NFTs from the cannabis community and some from HIVE games that we can get assets for. So far we are going to do the same giveaway prizes, I bought a load of the splinterlands cards so I got lots to giveaway. I am thinking we buy some rare or level 2 or higher cards for the weekly curation and do a week-long contest on that post.

The prizes may change or be subject to differences if we have more than one winner and not more than 1 of the same NFT. I will always send 1 from the game we offer and some weedcash NFTs from the community.

To start let's check the rules.

  1. One entry per person
  2. No comments edit
  3. Person closes wins the daily prize
  4. Have fun Comment Share NO VOTES NEEDED FOR ENTRY

Yesturday we had 4 strains and you had to try to guess the correct strain in the photo, Well we only had 2 people guess and they both guessed wrong. Well, today I think we will run the same strains and photo but I'll take one away to make it a little easier. Plus maybe we can get more to join. I would love to see the weedcash OGs join, I would tag them but that might be SPAM so I'll just hope they get more active.

To start we got

Purple Bliss -

We took the Sticky Illegal Alien (Alien grenades x Alien sour diesel) and crossed it with our Crystal covered BOGD Male
Breath of green dragon = (Hindu kush x Afghan kush) x Blueberry Trainwreck
The result was a purple goddess named by a customer Purple Bliss
Impress your fellow growers with the amazing smell and color of this cross.


Named after the renowned Cannabis advocate – Dr. Lester Grinspoon – this is DEFINITELY one strain you want to have in your collection!
Dr. Grinspoon is a “landrace” sativa from Barney’s Farm (This is not one of our strains – but we loved it so much we bought some bulk seeds direct from Barney’s). This means it’s a purebred Sativa strain producing amazing sativa effects in the 23-26% THC range. Euphoric, uplifting, energetic, and creative are just a few words growers use to describe her effects!

Side Chick#3 -

Mother: Mango Smile by Mephesto
Pollen: Reversed Northern Lights female by SoFem
83 Days from seed to finish


Weedcash Delegation -

This again is subject to change at any time but I will always try to change for the better. I can make see if we can get a channel in to discuss changes with delegators as it gets bigger.

30% of the Liquid this account earns weekly will be given back to delegators, I know this seems like you will earn more without doing this but you are helping with other things like liquid pool and burning weedcash. (I know this is a bigger drop but with all the liquid coming from post payouts I think this will still be a great number.)

30% of the liquid is burned with post promotion for weekly curation reports. (This number will never change unless it goes up)

20% added to weedcash liquid pools (For now we have enough liquid hive to add 20% to liquid pool)

10% going to buy Community NFTs ( Drop your weedcash NFT in comments)

5% going to buy @splinterlands, @risingstargame cards to add to contests

5% is powered up to help earn more curation rewards.

with the account, 10% of hive will start to be powered down weekly to help add to liquid pools.

Now again being transparent I plan to stake 50% of the tribe tokens earned from post and curation and the other 50% will be sold weekly to earn swap.hive and help the liquid pools and maybe even give some to delegators if we find we are earning a good amount.

thanks to @loonatic and @jonyoudyer @futuremind for the support, You are greatly appreciated, and with that, we have another awesome delegation to the mix from @qwerdy. Thanks to the 4 of you for showing your support and we hope to grow this project even bigger with your help.



Purple Bliss

Lot of strains which “should” be purple lack something to actually turn to purple. Even the genetic can be missing something on that particular plant. The environmental factor is also significant, and the light quality is the most!

About the pictures, they seems like fromtwo different plant, the illumination for the photoshoot definately different. On the secind picture i tend to see some anthocyanin coloring on a bract.


I go and place my bet on the Mango Cut Euh i mean Side Chick#3