Results of the Raffles #1 and #2 + Announcement about a Discord Raffle Server


Hello everyone,

I am sorry about the late post, but, this week has been rather hectic for me. Anyways, I will announce the results for both raffle #1 and raffle #2 in this post.

Raffle #1

This raffle was for a card of the winner's choice worth up to 5% of the total number of likes on the giveaway post in USD. In total, the post received 32 likes, resulting in a maximum prize card value of 1.6$.

Congraturaltions to @altusshow for winning my very first raffle/giveaway

Please comment the name of the card you want as well as your IGN to receive your card.

Raffle #2

This raffle was for the delegation of a Gold Foil Djinn Chwalla for the rest of the current season.

Congratulations to @deathfool for winning the second giveaway/delegation.

The GF Djinn Chwalla has been delegated.

Discord Server

Hello everyone, I am starting a raffle discord server for you to enter. It will mostly contain free giveaways, to begin with, but will transition towards some paid raffles and some free raffles.

Join the discord server for more information and to enter into future raffles: