Countdown to Chaos Packs. It's Almost Here!

With less than 6 days to go until the packs are open for public sale, I guess I can say I am a little excited.

During the presale I have managed to buy 35 packs with the voucher system, I did sell some of my vouchers at the beginning or otherwise it would have been more.

My next strategy is to buy a further 65 packs and I will be opening 35 of them and keeping 30 under wraps (pardon the pun.) This way, moving forward this will give me a total of 100 packs and I intend to aim to add a couple of packs a week or at least 10 per month whilst they are available.

I have already been investing in cards and building my decks up to level 2, but am still getting my head around the best teams to put out, of course I will be doing my research on Splintertalk as I have already read a few great blogs on the subject, and hopefully with the additional opened packs it will be easy to achieve some good combinations for battle.

What are your strategies for the public sale? Any advice also appreciated.

Good Luck on The Battlefield.