Splinterlands - Opting for a Rental Option.

For now I have decided to rent out the majority of my cards, even with level 2 decks and approximately 25000 Power I have constantly found that winning battles have been so much of a coin-flip, a good thing that no, one team can beat all the rest but it gets very frustrating when playing against players who have the absolute bare basics, kicking the ass of your upgraded cards and legendaries.

I am of course only renting out until the new mini packs come out and I have secured at least 100 Chaos Packs (I need around 63 more when they go on public sale.) I am just hoping the new mini series of cards and the addition of more cards in my collection help me once again get into the Silver league where it is worth playing rather than renting.
Anyone else doing anything similar?

GOOD Luck on the battlefield (or rental market)