Splinterlands Rental Market. We Need a Better Solution.

I am not sure there is already something out there, I have not come across it, if there is, please let me know.

I have over 700 cards, various levels, regular through to legendary, regular and gold, and I rent these out, the problem is, one week they are at a competitive value, the next week (or even next day!), these have been undercut. I am all for competition, but the problem is, I have to go in each time and take them off the rental market and re-rent out again.
Not only is this a drain on resource credits, but also time, and it can take me a couple of hours to go through my cards and do this. no biggie, but 2 hours is at least £40.00 labour to me, so it negates the earning value. You may say, 'Why bother renting out then!', however it is not just about generating revenue from my cards but providing a service to those who don't have the necessary cards, whether for power or play.

What would be most useful, would be a way of removing rental cards on a bulk basis, whether through Splinterlands itself or even @peakmonsters Having a system that would also offer a "smart" rental system, where prices are updated whether it be every week, 24 hours or hourly.
Then there should be some restrictions put on rentals, IE level X and below cards shoud be set at X amount of days, even a discount of 10, 20, or 30% option for those renting cards for 7, 14 or 30 days.

The current setup means that every man and his dog rents cards for 1 day before the end of the season and then cancels thereafter. And on the other hand, rental providers cancel last minute near the end of the season to get their power back. Both renters and rental providers should be penalised for early cancellation, This could be done with a portion of the rental going towards a "deposit", if it is cancelled early the renter loses the deposit, and if cancelled early by the rental provider they lose a percentage of the rental.
It will take some figuring out, but putting a system in place that is fair for both parties will create a better rental rental.
Finally, rental prices, there should be a cap on the prices both low and high, and this should be something along the lines of not being able to rent either 20% higher or lower than the current rental market prices. Stablising the rental price would negate the amount of times you have to go in and change the rentals, or with the smart rental system eliminate it entirely.

These are just my thoughts, and I would love to hear yours, either way I think there needs to be change to the current format.

Good Luck on the Battle Fields.