Splinterlands season 43 report - 1st season with RBO

(Image from Splinterlands and edited in Canva)

Hello all Splinters,
I'm here to share my late Splinterlands diary.
This is the 1st season when the cap level of summoners and monsters were removed from the league. I was demoted to Bronze league because I faced a lot of strong opponents with much higher level cards than mine.
I spent most of my time playing in Bronze league and got fewer rewards then previous season.

This is also my entry for the Splinterlands Weekly Challenge 👍

1.SPS earning

  • I got ~203 staked SPS from ranked battle/ daily and EOS / brawl rewards and Nightmare packs this season ❌It is lower than my seasonal target. Low earnings from ranked SPS rewards contributed to it. It's 9 months since my SPS earning at this low level, in season 26.
  • The different in this season compared to season 26 is the earning from Nightmare packs is a major part.

2. DEC earning

  • Earning from rental increases and has the same amount as season 26. What a coincidence 😆
  • I spent some DEC from this rental earning and bought some Uraeus.

3. Cards

  • My deck value dropped again, to $415.
  • I was able to level up 5 below cards.I upgraded Uraeus to level 4 and get the additional skill Poison. It's pretty useful, especial in the low mana battle. Another reason to upgrade him is Neutral monster, which let me to use him in different Splinters.

4. My plan and target of 2024

  • Join the Guild brawl regularly ✅ and upgrade my Gladiator cards to Silver league cap level. I changed my fray in the Brawl to Silver league and upgrading the cards is needed to have a higher win rate.
  • Increasing my DEC contribution to the Guild to upgrade the Store to level 6 to buy the Blood Stone✅
  • About liquid SPS, I will convert it to HBD and transfer it to HBD savings. Or convert to SWAP.HIVE and get more Nightmare packs when it's possible
  • Keep at least 150 Nightmare packs to get staked SPS until its game launches✅
  • I prefer to level up the Neutral cards to the capped level of Franz Ruffmane level 5. I have a list in my hand now and will gradually share the progress in the next reports ✅


That's all for now.
Hope you enjoy this report.

If you don't have a Splinterlands account, join with me here. If you register a new account with my link, I can delegate you some cards and 100SPS for 1 month to help you in the early stage of the game.