Spy on your opponent and win all of your battles in Splinterlands



For the past couple of weeks I have been developing a tool that allows you to look at your opponents' card, before you have chosen yours. This allows you to perfectly counter their decks and win all of your matches.

Sounds like magic, something that should be impossible. It is however, totally possible. Here's how it works.

Splinterlands is a game build upon the Hive blockchain. Every card you own is stored on there. It can be independently checked by everyone that you own those cards. Even if Splinterlands stopped working, you would still own your cards as NFT's and could sell them on secondary marketplaces.

However, what not everyone might know, is that a lot more information is stored on the blockchain. Such as who you're battleing against and which cards are being used.

The moment you've selected your cards and clicked on battle, those cards are immediately sent to the blockchain.

The tool that I've created will show you the cards your opponent has locked in, even before you have chosen your own cards.

The tool is Splinterview, you can check it out over here: https://splinterviewer.com/

I've also created a video showcasing the tool:

Once you're able to look at the cards your opponent has, it's quite easy to win the game. All you have to do is pick the right counter cards.

If your opponent uses melee attacks, use Mylor Crowling. If he uses magic, easy win with monsters that have void or magic reflect.

Let me know what you think, always looking for feedback.


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