Watchtoearn stream with Splinternews July 22nd 2022

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20% of this post reward go to the watch to earn program!

Hello Summoners, hello Hive gamers.

After playtoearn and playandearn comes watchtoearn.

My name is @solymi and I stream on my twitch channel called @splinternews
I play mostly hive based games I farm in Hashkings and I also plant my fields in Dcrops.
I am busking my way to financial freedom in Rising Star and of course I play Splinterlands.
I am also the owner of gaming4.coin (this is an unstoppable domain) you can also reach it over in web2

watch to earn

Tuesday next week the first badge of rewards will be sent to my viewers. We have a few $ONEUP and $STARBITS to send out and one WAX NFT for the kolobok game.

what is watch to earn?

By following my twitch channel and watching my streams you will earn channel points. You can redeem various cool things with these points. Note: all the claimable assets can be claimed as long as the loot chest is full. You can see the contents of the loot chest here. The wallet of @snvault is only used for this purposes. The active authority is with @solymi (this will change once I figure out a better decentralized solution for this) tokens sent to the loot chest will remain there until they are redeemed by viewers. @Solymi will not use the funds held by @snvault for own purposes. Snvault only sends out funds to viewers who signed up on the In Game Name Form!
Click HERE to fill the form.

  • It will ask for your twitch ID and your Hive username. Wax address can be provided too!

You need a twitch ID and you need a HIVE wallet. If you don't have one there is multiple ways to get one! The easiest way is to sign up with Splinterlands and buy a spell book! Other ways go over Leofinance with twitter or even facebook login!

Fill in the IGN form for rewards!

Follow Splinternews on TWITCH!

Thanks for reading and have fun watching!

Music credits: @ravenmus1c has a great project with copyright free streaming music!
check out

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