A card with great health potential for your battles

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In this post I will present the Life Sapper card which is an excellent card with magic attack for your battles with the death deck in Splinterlands. He has a very low mana cost and having him in your battles will be a great choice because of his amazing Life Leech ability that makes him come alive when attacking a card.

Before getting to know what the Life Sapper is like in battle, take a look at its general characteristics.

Edition: Chaos Legion

Rarity: Rare

Deck: Death

Attack type: Magic

Abilities: Life Leech and Redemption

Mana Cost: 3

Power: 20 ( 1 BCX )

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Because it's a rare card it has 8 levels and every level it gets stronger, but currently I'm only using it at level 1 because I'm still in the bronze league, but I hope to use it at higher levels later on because it's a great card.

At starting level he has little attack, speed and health, but with a summoner combo like Delwyn Dragonscale from the dragon deck that increases magic attack by +1 it gets even better because a card with 3 mana cost and 2 mana cost magic attack is quite strong in bronze league battles and also the Life Leec ability that will help him have more health.

His biggest weakness is that he has low health at the beginning as he can be defeated easily, but the longer he lasts in battle the more life he gains by attacking cards with the Life Leech ability.

Now I will explain its abilities which as I mentioned before are 2: Life Leech and Redemption.

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Monster's health increases each time it damages an enemy Monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt. Works with blast. Note, if there is a health de-buff on your monster and your monster's HP wasn't enough to pay for that de-buff, the HP gained through Life Leech will get used to pay for that de-buff before it actually starts increasing your monster's HP.

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When this Monster dies, it does 1 (melee) damage to all enemy monsters. This ability will only be useful when the Life Sapper is defeated which is not his wish dele, but even if he is defeated it will still deal 1 damage to all cards which is little else can make a lot of difference in battle.

This is a general explanation of how the Life Sapper card works but for the battle that I will show for this challenge I only used it at level 1 as I mentioned before so it only has the Life Leech ability that makes it gain life based on the damage dealt.

Besides Life Sapper I also used other cards that I considered a good combination for him and that did very well in battle.

The summoner chosen was Delwyn Dragonscale from the Dragon Deck and he will increase the magic attack of my cards by +1.

For the first position I choose Cursed Windeku which will be an excellent choice to defend because it has a lot of health and it enables Thorns that deals 2 damage when a melee card attacks it.

For second position I chose Horny Toad which is not the best option at level 1 but I was out of mana and he is a melee card with the Reach ability that allows you to attack from second position.

For the third position I choose the Life Sapper and he will have his attack increased by the summoner Delwyn Dragonscale and the Life Leech ability.

For the fourth position I chose the elemental Death which is also a card with magic attack and has the Snipe ability that makes its attack prioritize cards with magic and ranged attacks.

For the fifth position I chose the Soul Strangler which is a card with ranged attack without abilities.

For the sixth position I choose the Silent Sha-vi which is a melee card with the Sneak ability that makes it attack the enemy card positioned in the last position.

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In this post I will present the Life Sapper card which is an excellent card with magic attack for your battles with the death deck in Splinterlands. He has a very low mana cost and having him in your battles will be a great choice because of his amazing Life Leech ability that makes him come alive when attacking a card.

In the battle the summoner chosen by my opponent was Tarsa who increases the melee attack and the health of her cards by +1 and as all my opponent's cards are melee so they will have a lot of attack but not all of them will be able to attack.

My opponent has the Living Lava card which is an excellent defense against melee and ranged cards because of its Shield ability that reduces the damage received by them, so cards like Life Sapper which has magic attack will be very useful to defeat it. The Cursed Windeku will also be very useful because as all my opponent's cards are melee so every attack on him will do damage by the Thorns ability.

There is no set rule in this battle.

Round 1:

In the first round as my opponent has a lot of attack I received a lot of damage and I had my Horny Toad card defeated, but he also received a lot of damage from my attacks and mainly by the Thorns ability of Cursed Windeku. I was also able to defeat one of his cards.

1 card from my opponent was defeated and 1 from me.

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Round 2:

In the second round having the cards with magic attack was really useful because with their attack Living Lava was defeated. Cursed Windeku was also defeated in this round but before that he managed to do a lot of damage and was able to defeat Serpentine Spy with the damage caused by the Thorns ability. My opponent's card that was in the last position was also defeated and mine was also the Silent Sha-vi.

3 of my opponent's cards were defeated and 2 of mine.

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Round 3:

In the third round Life Sapper was in the first position but he accumulated a lot of life with his Life Leech ability so he managed to resist enemy attacks for a long time but he ended up being defeated, but before that he was able to defeat the Radiated Brute. Now Tenyii Striker is in first position and is my opponent's last card in the battle.

1 card from my opponent was defeated and 1 from me.

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Round 4:

In the fourth round and also the final round Tenyii Striker was defeated before being able to attack and now we have the result of the battle.

imag 10.png

This was a battle where Life Sapper had 2 important uses, the first was that he had a good amount of magic attack which made him very useful against the Living Lava card and that made a lot of difference in the battle and the second was that he resisted for quite a while and accumulated enough health to be useful defending in the first position. Cards like Cursed Windeku were also very useful in the battle because it has a lot of health which gave Life Sapper time to accumulate health and also enable Thorns that dealt a lot of damage to my opponent's melee cards. All the other cards were also quite useful in dealing damage in battle.

After some battles with this incredible card I managed to complete the daily quest and the result was:

imag 11.png

The Pelacor Conjure card which is a great card to have in low mana battles with the life deck.


I saw this card recently and the effects it had when it was used against my team. What I didn't know until now was that it attacked the other teams cards upon its death. This looks to be a good card to use in low mana battles. Might have to pick one up myself! :0

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