An amazing combination of abilities, meet Queen Mycelia.

Abilities are important in a battle and Queen Mycelia from the chaos legion edition has a variety of amazing abilities that will help you a lot to get victory in battles, she belongs to the earth deck and in this post I will explain more about her.

Who is Queen Mycelia?

Queen Mycelia is a legendary card from the chaos legion edition that belongs to the earth deck, you can find more about her like purchase price, rent, stats and LORE, going to the marketplace and filtering by Edition - Chaos Legion / Rarity - Legendary / Element - Earth / Role - Monsters. After that you will click on Queen Mycelia's card and you will have all the information I mentioned before and if you have it bought or rented it will also show you the amount you have and her level.

In the For Sale part you will find the current price that Queen Mycelia is being traded for sale and its current price is $9.96 which is not a very high value for a useful legendary card like her.

In the For Rent part you will find the current rental prices for Queen Mycelia, this price varies a lot but Queen Mycelia at level 1 usually costs 15~30 DEC and at level 4 it usually varies a lot but is usually 70~150 DEC .

In the STATS part you will find the statistics and abilities of the card, that is, all the information you need to know to understand how Queen Mycelia works in battles.

In the LORE part you will find more information about the card, that is, how it originated, but I won't give more details about it now, I'll leave LORE at the end of the post in case you're curious to read it.

In addition to renting or buying there is also another way to get Queen Mycelia which is through Chaos Legion packs, you can currently buy each pack for 4000 DEC or 4000 Credits, but for the current price of DEC it is worth paying more in DEC because you will cost less than $4.

Another option would be to buy the packs through the Hive Engine for $1.95 which is the current price there, but you will not be eligible to participate in the edition's Airdrops.

Now let's go back to the card's STATS and abilities to better understand its usefulness in battles.


In terms of basic stats Queen Mycelia is not a good card because its attack, speed and life are low at all levels, but that won't be a problem because its main focus is on its abilities which are very useful to have in the battles.

Its abilities are: Protect, Amplify, Triage and Rust. Below I will give a brief explanation of how each abilitie works in battle.

The Protect ability is a defensive ability that will grant +2 shield to all your cards while Queen Mycelia is in battle. The shield is an excellent defense because it will be useful against melee and ranged attacks, causing the cards to attack the shield first and not the card's life.

The Amplify ability is a buff ability that will increase the damage done by Magic Reflect, Thorns and Return Fire by +1. If you have cards with any of these abilities then Queen Mycelia will be even more useful as it will increase the damage they do.

The Triage ability is a healing ability that will cause Queen Mycelia to restore 1/3 life to the backline card that has taken the most damage. Healing abilities are very useful because they make cards survive longer in battles and this makes them much harder to defeat.

The Rust ability is a debuff ability and will cause your opponent's cards to lose 2 shield while Queen Mycelia is in battle. Shields are usually problematic, especially if you use melee and ranged cards, so taking that defense off your opponents will be very useful to win in battle.

Its basic stats (attack, life, speed) may not be good but its abilities are excellent to have in battles and will help you a lot, but it will depend on what strategy you use in battles so that Queen Mycelia has the most of possible efficiency when used and also not an easy target to be defeated since its life is not high.

It is a great card and if used well it will give you many wins, especially in bronze and silver leagues where your win rate is very high.


A dark and dank estate was overseen by a fearsome noble woman. She craved ever more and more, and had her slaves dig deep into the mountains that bordered her home. Seeking riches within the depths. But when no riches emerged, she became fierce and violent. Demanding harder and harder work. And the slaves dug more. And within the depths of the mountains, they unearthed a horror beyond their comprehension.

The first happening was the growth turning on the manor. Food became poisoned. Vines blocked doors and obscured windows. And spores sprouted everywhere.

Then the slaves became corrupted. Their bodies turned into hosts for parasitic fungus. Long after they died, their bodies shambled around the grounds. It was a menace that could not be controlled.

As the woman's estate fell into chaos, she couldn't bear the shame of seeking help from outsiders. Instead, she went into the mountains herself to uncover the source of this horror that had ruined her.

And there she came across her. At that time, Queen Mycelia was more a collection of fungus in a loose physical form. But when she consumed the noble woman, she altered her own appearance to look like a fearsome female in a gown.

She continued to spread her corruption across the estate. She'd never experienced such growth and such control before. Realizing she could now extend her powers even further and turn more creatures into her slaves, she traveled.

She corrupted each land she crossed, claiming the plants, claiming the people, and leaving behind a trail of fungal rot. She walked both above the earth and below, a female figure in the fog. But any that got too close realized terrors beyond their comprehension.

And finally, her journeys brought Queen Mycelia to the Realm of Silence under Praetoria. Praetoria's trees and roots stretched far down here, she could call out to so many servants. The whole continent could be hers. But why stop there? The Chaos Legion had means to reach even further. One day, the entire Splinterlands would be under her control.


If the battle is played with the Queen Mycelia card, the battle is easily won. You have given great information about this card. nice post.


It's a very useful card and it earns me many wins, thanks for the feedback



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