CHAOS COMETH! My analysis and strategy on the upcoming presale!


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In this video I break down my thoughts on chaos legion and give you all the details. Below is a bullet list of my notes of what we covered in the video.

  • $4 a pack, same as Pokémon
  • Purchased with credits, dec, SPS
    • 100 - 499 - 10% additional pack bonus
    • 500 - 1999 - 15% additional pack bonus
    • 2000+ - 20% additional pack bonus
  • 15 million new packs in the set
    • 1 airdrop card for every 1m packs cold
  • Each pack will count for 300 AP for sps


  • 30 days long starts oct 18th nov 24th
  • 1 million packs total
  • 1 million vouchers total
  • 33,333 vouchers airdropped daily hopefully right after sps snapshot but could take longer due to server loads
  • The vouchers accrue with time so if you don’t get a whole voucher the first day it will add up over time until you get a voucher
  • At the time of news release it was calculated that approx 2700 sps needed to get 1 voucher per day
  • They are fungible and can be transferred to other account, sold on secondary markets, even fractions of vouchers
  • Accounts with >1m sps will be capped at 1m
  • Every 50 packs are guaranteed promo, gold foil for every 1000 packs purchased during presale
  • 10% discount on all packs purchased with sps

Post pre sale

  • Vouchers will still be needed to buy packs after presale
  • Vouchers will have other benefits in the future
  • More details will be coming

Balancing act

  • making cards that both new and old players want to buy
  • Make new players competitive to those with old cards
  • Cards that compliment old sets
  • Team is still testing and adjusting cards right now
  • They are introducing new cards that counter older cards and famous teams that are OP
  • New players will still need older cards in the higher ranks preserving old card value

Modern vs wild formats

  • modern is for untamed, azmare, and chaos legion
  • Wild includes all cards, similar to magic and other card games
  • Each format has its own reward pool
  • Starter cards are going to change

Sps upgrades:

  • Team hints using voucher system for SPS in the future that gives access to limited releases, new items, features, and discounts

My strategy:

  • Stake SPS
  • Buy packs
  • Hold unopened until all promo cards are airdropped
  • Re-evaluate

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