Update on my game play

Hello again,

Been a long long time since I last posted here so I thought it’s about time I did something.

I’m still playing the game as I started with minimal investment, just the starter pack and a couple of Chaos Legion packs I initially bought. All my other cards are from rewards, brawls and swapping vouchers for DEC to purchase cards. Needless to say this a very arduous process to build my deck.

I’ve stopped renting cards out regularly as I don’t have a steady flow of DEC and purchasing it kind of defeats the idea of playing the game with minimal investment. All my SPS rewards get staked and I’m slowly increasing this pot to increase the returns.

As for game play each season is difficult and I’m lucky if I win 1 or 2 season chests at the end of it, the rewards are not as fruitful as they were a year ago either. As for focus chest I’m only receiving these if I rent out better cards so needless to say I’m not winning a lot of theses.

In my Guild I’d say I’m doing ok I’m slowly building up a good set of Gladius cards and my win ratio is improving, this is one area I feel I’m progressing well with.

I’ve not purchased any Land and don’t intend to personally I think this should also be a reward Item.
ZYRIEL What can I say expensive 80000 Dec or $70 I won’t be buying. Again I think this should also be a reward.

This is my last Season reward, much more useful than the potions which I think we should be able to sell for DEC because if your not purchasing packs of cards at least you can convert/sell the potions and then rent or buy cards. Anyone els agree???