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Hello everyone, Lester here! It's time again for Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge! How's your recent battles? Good? Bad? Meh? While you're not sure yet on what is your next strategy, check out my entry to SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! ANGELIC MANDARIN.

Angelic Mandarin

Edition: Chaos Legion
Rarity: Rare
Element: Water
Attack: Ranged
Abilities: Triage at Level 4. Silence at Level 8.


A variety of the already beautiful mandarinfish, the Angelic Mandarinfish is said to be blessed by the magic of the sea. They swim in the most gorgeous of tropical waters, and live peaceful lives in harmony with all around them. It is said that the touch of an Angelic Mandarinfish has healing properties. And that if one sees an injured person in need, they will swim up and stare into your eyes. As if looking into your soul. If they deem you to be kind, they will heal your wounds.
The sailor sunk deep into the depths of the cold water. He closed his mouth tightly, trying to preserve any air he had left. But the violent shipwreck had knocked the wind out of him. Trails of blood from his wounds blossomed into the water around him.

His mind told him to swim. Swim up and to air. Swim up and live. But his body wouldn't cooperate. Just as he felt unconsciousness tugging at him, there was movement. The glimmer of bright colors through the dark of the water.

A single fish swam to him. It was beautiful; it glowed with an internal light. The fish looked directly into his eyes. He stared back, barely hanging on to consciousness.

And then suddenly a surge of energy went through him. His wounds closed, and his lungs were filled with air. The fish turned and swam off. And the sailor kicked up to the surface of the water.


Battle Configuration


Summoner: Selenia Sky

Selenia Sky is a summoner from Dragon element but I chose this summoner because I think this is the most suitable summoner for Angelic Mandarin. This card will provide +1 Ranged Attack to allied monsters including Angelic Mandarin which has Ranged Attack.

Position 1/Tank: Kelp Initiate

I used Kelp Initiate even though it has no attack power is because of its low mana cost. Also, even though it has low mana cost, it's HP and Speed has good numbers which can provide enough defense for Angelic Mandarin.

Position 2: Igor Darkspear

I configured my 2nd position monster for Igor Darkspear. It will benefit from Selenia Sky's +1 Ranged Attack and can also provide another line of defense for Angelic Mandarin because of its 5 HP and costs 2 mana only to summon.

Position 3: Angelic Mandarin

My monster in 3rd position is Angelic Mandarin. It has a good base HP of 6 and can also provide another line of defense for other attackers behind it. I think Selenia Sky is the best summoner for this card given that Dragon element can be used in the battle. If not, I believe Kelya Frendul is the next option. This card is very advisable for low mana battles and can provide damage and can tank at the same time. Together with other ranged attack monsters that will benefit from Selenia Sky's +1 Ranged Attack, adding Angelic Mandarin to your line up is a good choice.

Position 4: Axemaster

My monster in the 4th position is my main damager and benefits from Angelic Mandarin's low mana cost because Axemaster costs 7 mana to summon. They synergy provides higher win rate in the battle.

Position 5: Naga Assassin

In my 5th position, I used Naga Assassin hoping that it will attract any monster with Opportunity and hopefully dodge their attack.

Position 6: Kulu Swimhunter

My last monster provides additional fire power and hoping to help Angelic Mandarin win the battle.

Here is the full replay in Splinterlands and Youtube.



Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
My strategy is quite simple, but still work. This battle focused on providing fire power for ranged attack to defeat the opponent. I used a low mana cost tank in order for me to use ranged attack monsters up to position 6. It worked beautifully and I was also able to showcase Angelic Mandarin in action. What I will try next time is climb up to higher league and use Angelic Mandarin with a monster with Taunt ability. I will put the monster with Taunt at the back and will let Angelic Mandarin heal it. Below is an example.
Position 5
Position 6


Do you like ANGELIC MANDARIN? Why or why not?
Angelic Mandarin is a very useful card especially in low mana cost battles or little league. Even though it costs 3 mana only to summon, it still has a good amount of HP to provide another layer of protection on monsters behind it. Also, its Triage and Silence ability has a great synergy with monsters with Taunt ability.


That's all and Thank You for reading my post! If you got interested in playing Splinterlands, here is my Game link - splintercell-01.
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*Images used are from Splinterlands and Peakmonsters and edited in Canva.




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