Splinterlands BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge: Even Stevens!



Hello everyone, Lester here! Welcome back to another Battle Challenge from Splinterlands. If you would also like to participate, please make sure to check their post here - BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! In this post, I'll showcase a Modern Ranked Gold League duel with Even Stevens Ruleset. I'll also post the battle configuration I used based on the maximum mana allowable and active elements. I would also share my analysis on the lineup I used in comparison to what my opponent employed. Please continue reading if this piques your curiosity.

RULESET: Even Stevens

Only units with even mana costs may be used in battles. This rule does not apply to summoners.

This ruleset is fairly straightforward; you need as many cards as possible in your deck so that when this ruleset appears, your deck is ready to go to fight.


Battle Configuration


There is only one ruleset in this battle, which is our battle challenge - "Even Stevens: Only units with even mana costs may be used in battles.". The mana cap is 58, and this gave enough number to use my high-mana cap monsters which are very effective in battle. My first choice of summoner here is Kelya Frendul which will give allied monsters with +1 Armor. And below is my lineup.

  • Kelya Frendul (Summoner): This will increase my monster's speed and armor by +1. Please take note that I used this summoner not because of its even mana cost, but because I have lots of powerful monsters in Water element with even mana cost.
  • Diemonshark (Pos 1): Diemonshark is one of my monsters with the most attack power and the fastest movement speed. At level 5, it has 3 attack damage, 4 speed, 6 armor and 9 HP. These are quite good numbers for this battle and it has 8 mana cost.
  • Baakjira (Pos 2): Its Slow and Strengthen abilities are the main reason I used this card in this battle. While I gain +1 Speed buff from Kelya, enemies will gain -1 Speed because of the Slow ability. The mana cost of Baakjira is 6.
  • Deeplurker (Pos 3): Deeplurker is my backline attacker and together with Opportunity ability, it also has Poison ability at level 6 which is quite nasty when opponents got affected by Poison. Its mana cost is 6 also.
  • Magi of Chaos (Pos 4): This is the only magic attack monster that I used in this battle just in case the enemy has a huge amount of armor but low HP. Magi of Chaos mana cost is also 6.
  • Supply Runner (Pos 5): My monster with another speed buff costs 6 mana also. Supply Runner worked better with Kelya Frendul because of the double speed buff.
  • Wave Brood (Pos 6): And lastly, my monster in the 6th position is Wave Brood with 8 mana cost. Its main purpose is to taunt the enemy attacks to it while my attackers are annihilating the opponent monsters one by one.



Battle Summary and Analysis

The opponent summoner was also Kelya Frendul, however it was only level 4 compared to my level 5 Kelya Frendul. My opponent used Diemonshark as well, but mine has higher attack strength and HP. The opponent used two magic attack monsters, Djinn Oshannus and Magi of Chaos. It also used Deeplurker, but only at the level of 5. It should be noted that Level 4 Rare Summoners can only summon up to Level 5 Common. Deeplurker has no Poison ability at level 5, which gives me an advantage. Speed Runner and Kulu Swimhunter, two ranged attack monsters, were also used by the opponent. The Speed Runner is only at level 1 and does not yet have the Swift ability.

Despite certain similarities in the monsters we selected, the difference in level gave my line up a more diverse ability set and an advantage. This is why levels are crucial. Please view the replay below to see how my team won this battle.

Battle Replay


This battle demonstrated not just the ruleset but also the need of using monsters of higher level because some skills can only be obtained if you achieve the required level.



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*Images used are from Splinterlands and Peakmonsters and edited in Canva.