Splinterlands Card Review - Venator Kinjo

Splinterlands Card Review - Venator Kinjo

Hello everyone! Lester here! How's your end of season rewards? Also, have you read the latest Town Hall Summary? If not yet, check their post here - Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - June 13th, 2022 - 1PM Eastern! for the latest updates in Splinterlands.

For this post, let's review one of the newest cards in Splinterlands - Venator Kinjo! Are you one of those folks thinking that Venator Kinjo is a useless card? Well, before jumping to conclusions, let check first this card's stat and lore.

Edition: Reward
Rarity: Legendary
Element: Neutral
Attack: Melee
Abilities: Level 1: Reflection Shield, Camouflage, Level 2: + Immunity, Level 3: + Slow, Level 4: Amplify

Few have heard about the secret mission of the pious order, The Bloody Envoy. These devout monks spend their young lives living within the Hidden Cloister, a monastery that is said to be somewhere within Abbots Marsh on Praetoria, and beholden to no other. Taken at an early age, these children are the unfortunate offspring of women that have been used for entertainment by vampires at their lavish parties. After being brought into their new family, the children spend their time studying and praying, learning to live with the dhampir affliction that has taken their bodies. They are taught that to drink the blood of a human is the ultimate sin, and they sustain themselves upon the livestock they keep... (Venator Kinjo Lore)


Reflection Shield - This Monster is immune to all indirect, or reflected damage. That means that it will not take damage from Blast, Thorns, Return Fire, or Magic Reflect.
Camouflage - This Monster cannot be targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position.
Immunity - This monster is immune to negative status effects.
Slow - Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters.
Amplify - Increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1.

Is Venator Kinjo Useless?

Let's see why some people say that this card is quite useless. At level 1, Venator Kinjo has 1 Melee Attack, 2 Speed and 1 HP. And it has the ability of Reflection Shield and Camouflage.

Looking at the Camouflage ability, this card is invisible to the opponents direct attack when not in the first position. And if that is the case, given that it has 1 HP only, you would not want to put this card in the first or second position of your line-up. However, since this card has melee attack only, it cannot deal damage also to the opponent unless it is in the first position. And it will be just a waste of slot in your line-up. Maybe if it has Sneak or Opportunity wherein it can attack in any position or like in Rulesets MELEE MAYHEM, EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and SUPER SNEAK, maybe this card can be useful.

But, if you consider its other skill in Level 1, which is Reflection Shield, you can maximize the potential of this card and can lead you to victory. It says in the description of Reflection Shield - "This Monster is immune to ALL indirect, or reflected damage. That means that it will not take damage from Blast, Thorns, Return Fire, or Magic Reflect." Please continue to read to see why this card is not useless, and in fact, very helpful in you line-up.

How to use Venator Kinjo

To prove that this card is not useless, you need to have the perfect opportunity to unleash its potential and maximize its Reflection Shield ability. Let's check these battles to showcase what Venator Kinjo can contribute to your line-up.

Battle 1 - Explosive Weaponry Ruleset

In this battle, one of the rulesets is Explosive Weaponry wherein All Monsters have the Blast ability. So what I did here is to put Venator Kinjo in the 2nd position. In this manner, my back-line attackers will not be affected by Blast ability because Venator Kinjo will nullify the effect and will not receive any damage from it.

The opponent's line-up has Deeplurker with its Opportunity and because Venator Kinjo has Camouflage, Deeplurker will not be able to target it.

Looking at this round, the attack from Water Elemental created a Blast effect but inflicted zero damage to Venator Kinjo. If Venator Kinjo is not there, Beatrix Ironhand will suffer from Blast and probably will die first in this battle.

And in Round 2, you can see that the attack from Pirate Captain targeted Beatrix Ironhand but still, no damage to Venator Kinjo. So in this battle, Venator Kinjo provided an invisible wall between Flesh Golem and Beatrix Ironhand and protected these 2 attackers from Blast ability.

Here is the full replay in Splinterlands and Youtube.

(Unsupported https://youtu.be/AJkJQ2j58hw)

Battle 2 - versus Yodin Zaku

This battle is almost the same with Battle 1, however, instead of the Explosive Weaponry Ruleset, the enemy has Yodin Zaku - which provides Blast ability to all allied monsters at the start of the battle. So what I did here is used Mycelic Slipspawn with its Taunt ability in position 1 and then I placed Venator Kinjo in position 2. In this manner, all enemy monsters will target Mycelic Slipspawn and Venator Kinjo will provide an invisible wall between the 1st and 3rd monster in my line-up.

As you can see here, damage from Blasts has no effect on Venator Kinjo and my back-line attackers were able to focus on just attacking the opponent monsters.

This manner continued until Mycelic Slipspawn was defeated and Venator Kinjo was exposed in position 1. But, my line-up already dealt massive damage to the opponents 1st, 2nd and 3rd pos monsters. And this led me to victory.

Here is the full replay in Splinterlands and Youtube.

(Unsupported https://youtu.be/ERCTUpCDEiw)

Battle 3 - Explosive Weaponry and Super Sneak Rulesets

In this 3rd battle, Venator Kinjo was able to attack the opponent because of the Super Sneak ruleset. And again, one the rulesets is Explosive Weaponry. I anticipated that the enemy will use melee monsters that's why I placed Venator Kinjo to 2nd to the last of my line-up

The opponent's monsters attacked my Spineback Turtle which was positioned last. Venator Kinjo's Reflection Shield protected The Vigilator which is one of the main attackers, from Blast ability. Also, since Venator Kinjo can now attack, it was able to dealt damage to the enemy without getting visible.

And because The Vigilator didn't receive damage in this battle, I was able to defeat the opponent easily.

Here is the full replay in Splinterlands and Youtube.

(Unsupported https://youtu.be/nujqJSUNj7c)

Do I like Venator Kinjo?

Ofcourse, yes! I believe Splinterlands Dev will not create a useless card and at Level 1. Venator Kinjo provided an invisible shield to its adjacent allied monsters from Blast damage. Aside from using this card when the enemy has Blast ability or if the ruleset has Explosive Weaponry, there are other ways to maximize its potential. We are just seeing the tip of the iceberg when we look at it at Level 1. At Level 4, it has Reflection Shield, Camouflage, Immunity, Slow and Amplify. Remember that this card is from Neutral Element which means you can use it with any other element. Imagine using it together with Mylor Crowling, the effect of Thorn damage will increase by 1. Also, this card has immunity to negative status effects which means it is safe to use it when the ruleset has Noxious Fumes. And on top of that, it costs 2 mana only to summon and the Slow ability is proved to be very useful in any battle.

That's all and Thank You for reading my post. If you got interested in playing Splinterlands, here is my Game link - splintercell-01.
Visit @Splinterlands to view more amazing posts! And always keep on battling!!!
*Images used are from Splinterlands and edited in IbisPaint.


Seems like a fantastic card. Haven't tested it yet, but soon! #splinterlands


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You must try it, too! It's quite fun to watch the blast effect getting nullified. :)