Splinterlands Fan Art Week 239 - WILL-O-WISP


Splinterlands Fan Art Week 239 - WILL-O-WISP


Good day, everyone! I'm back to making Splinterlands fan art. The inspiration for this fan art came from fireflies. I rarely see fireflies on trees and grass these days, possibly due to overpopulation. But yesterday, at 7 p.m., while wandering around our town, I observed a few fireflies flying about and decided to make this fan art in reference to fireflies. I also refer to IO of DOTA 2 in making this fan art.

Here is the card reference image of Will-O-Wisp in Splinterlands.


A will-o-wisp is a type of death elemental that appears as a hazy ball of light, often mistaken for a flaming torch or lantern. In fact, its purple, flaming body is a transparent ball of mana. A will-o-wisp floats where it pleases, drifting through sprawling cities and picturesque countryside alike. When it rains, you might hear the faint hiss and splutter of energy as the water breaks across it, unable to punctuate its phantasmal shell.

Although they have no vocal organs, the energy within will-o-wisps vibrates and emits a ghostly call. The combination of their pulsing, colorful appearance and haunting sounds has been known to cause a number of debilitating affects while mesmerizing their victims, and the will-o-wisp will lead them into inhospitable environments and, ultimately, to their death....

On my tablet, I used Clip Studio Paint to create this fan art, and these are the steps I took. Will-O-Wisp is a ball of mana, therefore I began with small dots making a circle and then added tentacle-like energies emanating from the main body. I added white, blue, and purple colors inside the large circle to emphasize the balls of energy in the main body.
Because fireflies are commonly found in forests, I drew this fan art in the middle of one. I drew trees in dark to emphasize the energy light from Will-O-Wisp. Because the previous image was too dark, I added more glowing lights to Will-O-Wisp's body.
Clip Studio Paint has pre-installed brushes. I used the grass and tree brushes that came with Clip Studio Paint. To add extra details, I drew some butterflies surrounding Will-O-Wisp.
I changed the background color's opacity because I'm still not happy with it. I enhanced the background with tiny balls of light in purple, blue, and white, and I added more shining light to the body of the Will-O-Wisp. I added an additional layer of grass to the background because there seemed to be too few grasses.
To represent the energy building around Will-O-Wisp's body, I made the blue shade more opaque and added more sand-like lights to the area around it. Here is the finished product of my Will-O-Wisp fan art. This one was fun to make and it looked like it would be easy to draw. I experimented with adding a background of grasses, trees, and several hues of light from the main object. The Splinterlands logo is the last touch which was placed on the fan art's bottom left.



That's it, and thanks for reading. If you're interested in playing Splinterlands, here is my game link - splintercell-01.
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