NFTG Silver Event #1 | Splinterlands-DE x NFTG | 18th September


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NFTG Silver Event #1 | Splinterlands-DE x NFTG

Saturday 18th September, 4:00 p.m. (CET)

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The German Splinterlands-DE community organizes its second @splinterlands tournament which is sponsored by the NFT Gaming Token (NFTG).

Tournament Rules:
Entry-fee under silver: 30DEC
Entry-fee over silver: 75 DEC
Card-Level: Silver
Card-Rules: All cards allowed
min. League: Novice

PRIZE POOL (NFTG Bronze Event #1 | Splinterlands-DE x NFTG)
1.          1500    DEC     +   100 NFTG
2.          7500    DEC     +   50  NFTG
3.          450     DEC     +   30  NFTG
4.-7.       225     DEC     +   25  NFTG
8.-15.      135     DEC     +   15  NFTG
16.-31.     67,5    DEC     +   10  NFTG
32.-64.     30      DEC     +   5   NFTG
unranked        /               1   NFTG
In addition to DEC you can also win the new NFTG Token.
Hodl these NFTG and get access to upcoming NFTG x Splinterlands-DE tournaments.

Tournament Informations:

Buy and Sell NFTG
Sign up (NFTG Silver Event #1 | Splinterlands-DE x NFTG)
Tournament Roadmap (NFTG Events| Splinterlands-DE x NFTG)

Social Media:

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Splinterlands-DE Discord
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This is a really cool way to utilize the NFTG tokens and I am excited about further use of NFTG and how you are making it more valuable! Good luck with the conducting tourney!


thanks a lot my friend @spt-curate :)

We already have a tournament-structure for @splinterlands.
From septembre until november there will be three Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamant tournaments and in december the finals for every league will be played. In this finals you can only entry with NFTG, thats the usecase of HODLing NFTG.

In the future we also try to organize events for other NFT games.
So our plan is to join the @dCrops community and doing there some raffles or anything else.