Treacherous Tendencies

When he finally came upon the whirling vortex, he saw Yabanius, standing before it, his hands shifting quickly as his lips moved in silence. Joaken’s eyes were drawn towards the purple hue and a sudden sickness arose inside of him. It felt as though he was being compelled to strike the wizard down with his fire and it was almost impossible for him to turn away from the void. Heat prickled along his neck, and the flame drew away from him as he reached for it. An unblinking eye appeared in the vortex and stared at him, an alien voice speaking in his mind. Joaken desperately searched for the comfort of the one flame, but it had shrunk far too deep within him to be found. Still, unsummoned by him, flames sprang forth from his hands and roared angrily at the cold air about him. The fires begged to be set free, to be thrown at the form of Yabanius as he tirelessly worked. Joaken’s will was no match for the beast that compelled him, and he jerked forward, stumbling towards the wizard. A tear touched his eye, he had come to help the wizards, not destroy them, yet he was not himself anymore and there was nothing he could do to stop it.  —From Lightbringer , an entry in the Tome of CHAOS
Collection: Chaos Legion
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