Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - December 24th, 2021 - 10AM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder)
    • Hardpoint (Chief Technology Officer)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Chatter (Director Of Growth)
  • Main Topics:
    • General Team Updates 🎄
    • Marketing + Creative Updates ☃️
    • Land Eye Candy ❄️
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 04:05 - Team Introductions
    • 10:50 - Hardpoint's Updates & 2021 Review
    • 30:00 - Nate's Updates & 2021 Review
    • 29:45 - Chatter's Updates & 2021 Review
    • 58:15 - Nate's Eye Candy
    • 1:07:40 - Q&A
    • 2:03:50 - Closing Remarks


🎄 Company Updates 🎄

Marketing Updates:

  • Team is almost done setting up ad-platform strategies and analytics software
    • Splinterlands is eligible to advertise crypto on most platforms
    • Takes a lot of legal documents & whitelisting
  • Kicked off a Twitter campaign just yesterday
  • First company to be drafted into CoinMarketCap's Alpha phase!
  • Chatter is super excited about building the ESports league
    • Increases brand recognition
    • Gets players excited after seeing the big tournament prizes and great competition
    • Will bring in sponsors as well

Creative Updates:

  • Nate wants land to be for everyone, not just land owners
    • Could be first step towards Player vs Enivornment (PvE)
    • Boss Fights
    • PvP designated land
    • Players traveling across land
  • Creative team's goal again is to pull all players into the Splinterlands story
    • All players are battle mages that influence what happens in Praetoria
  • General UX is not as sexy or eye-popping, yet...
    • UI & UX team will collaborate and design some awesome UX improvements
  • Official partnership with Blockchain Heroes
    • WAX based, collectible card sets
    • Only way to gain access to the biggest and baddest NFT CL villain: Silas
      • Check Eye Candy section below

General Team Updates:

  • Year 2022 is on track to the be biggest year in company history
    • The Chaos Legion general sale may bring in more company revenue in a month than ever before
    • Team's vision/roadmap is jam-packed with amazing new features/enhancments
    • A lot of partnerships still being developed too
  • End Of 2021 Recap:
    • Game is over 70 team members, with 15 being active developers
    • Game runs on multiple servers in order to handle the stress & demand
    • Game integrates 6 different blockchains as well
    • Went from around 10k DAU --> 500k DAU
    • Seeing around 8M - 10M battles per day
  • 2022 Vision/Goals:
    • Team wants to incorporate all communication within the game as well
      • Not every player is on Discord on Telegram
      • All updates and important information should be player facing in-game
    • Achieving "Frictionless crypto" - Hardpoint
      • Creating a Splinterlands account introduces players to crypto and NFT's instantly
      • First step to making Splinterlands + crypto mainstream
      • Team wants to enhance Key Management
      • Introduce page to see all your rewards
        • Make asset prices more apparent as players play and earn rewards


☃️ AMA Summary ☃️


  • SPS rewards are still being worked on and coming down the road
  • SPS governance will probably be the next SPS related release
  • As reiterated every townhall, the team is committed to integrating SPS into almost everything in the game going forward


  • See what a Natural Legendary Lake plot looks like down in the Eye Candy section!
    • 14 Geography types for land
    • Common, rare, epic, legendary types for each
    • Occupied land vs unoccupied land
    • Magic based land vs non-magic based land
    • All these types and variations of land will look different
  • To recap, all land plots are claims right now
    • The type of land and rarity aren't determined yet
    • Will be revealed in the future, along with location
  • No more land will be minted in the future for Splinterlands
  • Goal of land is to create a whole new economy for players to earn more and reap rewards

Future Landing Pages:

  • Team wants to introduce new landing pages for all players
  • Won't be until after the Chaos Legion general sale
  • New landing page ideally will incorporate updates and new artwork

Chaos Legion:

  • Bulk sales can still be entered in the next four days
  • Team has received $3.6M total so far
    • That is a little under 1M packs
  • Chaos Legion packs won't be added to reward chests
  • General sale packs can only be bought with credits
    • You can buy credits with both DEC and SPS

Townhall Summaries:



  • Some artwork has already been designed for Riftwatchers
  • Could potentially push for a launch already March (not official)



New Wallpaper

Silas Sneak Peek

Natural Legendary Lake Plot


Recent Updates

Chaos Legion General Sale Info & Airdrop Reveal

  • 2nd & 3rd airdrop will be airdropped together
  • Each pack will have a 0.33% chance to get both airdrops
  • Every 300 packs guarantees one of each airdropped card
  • Each airdrop has a 4% chance to become a gold foil
    • No guaranteed droprate for gold foils though
  • Check the article to see the reveal of the airdropped cards

New Tale From Tome Of Chaos: Balance

  • These tales extend the story of how Chaos Legion affected Praetoria and the rest of the world
  • Includes a video that reads the story for you


Past AMA Summaries

  • Friday, December 3rd, 2021
    • Chaos Legion Launch (5 Days Away!) 👀
    • Creative Updates - More Lore/Stories! 💥
    • Land Expansion & SPS Validators ⚡️


Next AMA - Friday, December 31st, 10AM Eastern (2PM UTC)


I'm very happy to hear that you're focusing on making the game more accessible from a UI/UX stance. I feel that the game is currently being held back by some poor design and flow choices. I personally know of a few people whom I tried to introduce to the game, but did not join because it just didn't look appealing. Hopefully this will change soon.


Looking forward to seeing the coming developments and where the game goes. One question I had was regarding Riftwatchers. I have been seeing a lot of people talk about it the last several months, but I do not recall seeing a post about it. Could you explain what it is or is there a post talking about it? Thank you in advance!


Riftwatchers will be a mini card set, not a fully set like Untamed or Chaos Legion. Dice was the first mini set and Riftwatchers will follow very closely to that. I believe there were just around 20 cards in Dice, so I'd guess around the same for Riftwatchers.

Although, Dice was mainly made up of summoners for most of the Rare cards. We don't know if that will be the same for Riftwatchers or not.

Also, Dice was only able to be bought by DEC. The price was 3000 DEC ($3 since DEC was mainly $0.001 during the sale) at the time. I'm sure Riftwatchers will be a bit extra, and may require vouchers to be used with it.


„No more land will be minted in the future for Splinterlands”.

Is it as related to land of Praetoria or all land?

You wrote article on 17 October 2020 that there will be more continets to explore.

„In addition to the 150,000 plots on Praetoria that the Wizard's Council has now given to the three exploration companies, they are also believed to control and closely guard additional lands spread across the six continents that, in addition to Praetoria, make up the known Splinterlands world.„

„ It is most important to note, however, that the current 150,000 plots will be the only land ever available on the island of Praetoria, which gives it significant benefits. The Praetorian land is covered in a magical aura that is believed to originate from large dark energy pools located beneath Mount Mox. That means that these "alpha lands" will receive boosts to both crafting and resource harvesting speeds as compared to lands on the other continents.”

I have been playing for couple months and missed chance to buy land at fair price. I hope that there will be presale of second continent fot SPS stakeholders.

Can you clarify land expedition and other continents? Is Praetoria the only continet you planning to mint?


The team continues to state that they don't plan on minting any other land for Splinterlands. I'd say they are about 99% committed to keeping their word on this. Although, they have mentioned that if they were to ever add more land, it wouldn't be in Praetoria, and whatever new land was to be introduced, it wouldn't have nearly the same value/utility as the current land would.

Lastly, the team has mentioned that they do want to create new games beyond Splinterlands that would have a land economy as well. Again, this wouldn't affect Splinterlands in any way though.


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Awesome I cant wait for the land update myself, im a new player but since starting in August of this year, ive been able to build up 4 land plots at this point. The first two airdrop cards look awesome also!!


These updates are all very promising! Thanks for keeping your community updated:). The other day, in the discord, I read that travel will be part of land update and great to see that here too. An idea popped up in my head then that maybe some land owners can build inns/lodgings on their plots and concentrate on gathering resources related to food and wood and so on. Players travelling can rest at these inns for the night and pay for lodgings and food.... so many possibilities for land, am quite excited! Will such buildings be allowed to be built?


I've been waiting for land usage for a while. Wish I would have bought more but it's okay. I love the progression of the game. This dedication makes me appreciate the game more!


Pretty exciting stuff! This is what I need to hear to avoid panic selling as my collection value plummets daily. Diamond hands!


With everything pointing to a complete collapse in value under the weight of all the inventory out there and SOOOO much more to come still in CL, I can't believe you intend to go forward with EVEN MORE CARDS with Rift Watchers. Give the new cards a break. It seems like you're mixing up company profit and whale networth with sustainable success. They aren't the same.