Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - July 11th, 2022 - 1PM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • Yabapmatt (Chief Product Officer)
    • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Pluck (Data Analyst)
    • WeirdBeard (Tournaments/ESports)
    • InfluxPictures (Video Editor)
    • Haythem (Senior Product Manager)
    • Black Heart (Technical Support)
    • Waffles Kitty (DYGYCON)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Main Topics:
    • Splinterlands Discussions 💥
    • Company Updates ⚡️
    • Q&A 👀
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 03:15 - Team Introduction (General Updates)
    • 05:15 - InfluxPictures Intro (Video Editor)
    • 09:00 - Haythem Intro (Senior Product Manager)
    • 11:50 - Black Heart Intro (Technical Support)
    • 14:15 - Chatter Update (Marketing)
    • 16:40 - Weirdbeard Update (Tournaments/ESports)
    • 22:05 - Waffles Kitty Update (DYGYCON)
    • 24:30 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 28:45 - Pluck (Data Analyst)
    • 30:15 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 36:30 - Yabapmatt (Ranked Rewards)
    • 1:15:15 - Q&A
    • 2:19:30 - Closing Remarks


💥 Splinterlands Discussions 💥

Economy Discussion/Update (Still Work In Progress):

  • Goal of Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) was intended to be a relatively stable token of 1000 DEC = $1 USD
    • Stable pricing for in-game purchases is an extremely important concept for any type of Web 3 project
  • DEC will continue to be the relatively stable transactional token for most in-game purchases
    • Cards, potions, packs, skins, land items, guild upgrades, etc...
  • In order to keep it stable, there will continue to be more mechanisms and items sold for DEC
  • Team wants to also allow users to burn $1 in SPS for 1000 DEC
    • Creates more value flowing into the SPS token
    • Will not be able burn DEC for SPS
    • Instead DEC is backed by in-game products
  • Current problem is that DEC is being infintely minted
    • The minting equilibrium is lower than the demand for buying Splinterlands products with DEC
    • This is causing the price of DEC to be lower than the intended stable price (1000 DEC = $1 USD)
    • Future change will be replacing DEC rewards with SPS rewards
  • SPS Governance
    • Original ideal was that the best players in the game will earn SPS (tournament winners, brawl participants, leaderboards, etc..)
    • SPS airdrop is ending the end of this month
    • The next way to earn SPS will be through playing the game and climbing to the highest league possible
    • These SPS rewards will be significantly less than what is currently being given out compared to DEC rewards
  • In the near future, DEC will only be minted through the following:
    • Card Burning
    • Burn SPS For DEC
  • SPS rewards will be possible through:
    • Ranked battleplay
    • Leaderboards
    • Brawl participation

Upcoming Reward Changes:

  • Replacing DEC rewards with SPS rewards
    • Will stabilize DEC while also allowing players to earn SPS which means giving more governance voting power
    • SPS rewards will be a fixed/limited reward pool
    • Each league will be competing for the same SPS reward pool
      • The reward pools will be bigger for the higher leagues
  • You will not be able to earn rewards only through buying and cards and playing, you will also need to have SPS staked on you
    • This will be the main utility for SPS
    • Doesn't mean you can only stake on yourself, but on other players too
      • Staking on other players will give rewards to both the player and the players staking the SPS on that player

Splinterlands vs Bots:

  • Splinterlands goal is to build the most distributed, decentralized platform possible
    • This has never happened before and is a constant work in-progress within Splinterlands
    • Team will continue to try to build towards this goal even through the mistakes that are made in the process
  • This means that Splinterlands is an open system for anyone to anonymously participate
    • There is not an easy way to perfectly identify who is a bot vs who is a normal player either
  • Mistakes were made with the new Ranked Reward system
    • Goal was give out more rewards to everybody that had cards
    • This allowed for bots and farmers to earn more rewards as well
    • ROI is significantly high for those who rent/buy cards to bypass the starter card reward reductions
    • Most players taking advantage of this ROI are bots and the rental market isn't being impacted as much as expected
    • New upcoming changes announced recently should help address this issue
  • Reminder, any changes targetting bots will also affect real players as well
  • Whole ideal is not to reduce rewards but rather increase the amount of rewards to appeal to new players
  • Having fixed SPS reward pools per league will help address the multi-account delegating
    • Rather than spreading cards around multiple accounts in lower leagues, the game will incentivize players to reach higher leagues where there is a higher SPS reward pool and less players competing for it


💥 Company Updates 💥

Creative Team:

  • YouTube ads have been live and users have been noticing them
  • Events that team is attending/recently attended:
  • Reaching out to new projects to hopefully land some additional SPS utility
  • LOTs of work with guilds
    • Have 3 guild tools in talks that will be helping pass new players through
  • Splinterfest
    • Tickets and merchandise are still in the works
    • Splinterfest trailer is currently in progress


  • First tournament townhall was held last Friday (July 8th)
    • Opportunity for the community to engage with Weirdbeard and express their concerns/feedback with tournaments
    • Moving forward, brawls and tournament townhalls will be rotated and separate from these main townhalls
  • Splinterlands is seeing around 3k tournament participants a week
  • Biggest feedback items:
    • Ghost card tournaments (everyone has the same cards)
    • Gladiator card tournaments
    • High roller tournament series

Creative Team:

  • Creative team is hard at work with the following:
    • Rift Watchers
    • New Daily Focuses
    • Splinterfest
    • Land
    • And a ton of other items!


  • DYGYCON 10 happening this weekend starting Friday, July 15 to Sunday, July 17
  • Register for event here: DYGYCON 10 Registration

Splinterlands TV:

  • Viewers receive points that can be redeemed for multiple prizes
  • Splinterlands TV Doubled average viewers in the past month
  • This Townhalls shoutouts:
    • butops18
    • bukbukkun
    • ApeOfWallSt
    • jmpards3
    • oL0rdo_yt
    • holdmycards
    • teamvangaurdz
    • spikesan1
      This Weeks Streamer Spotlights


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️


  • All new changes will probably result in new exploits being found
    • Team will analyze the affects of changes and always make new ones once determined best
  • Merit rewards will help reduce the rewards for bot farms
    • Merit rewards will stay valuable for actual players as it creates a new avenue for earning merits which are super valuable for Guild Brawls

Collection Power:

  • Staked SPS may eventually replace Collection Power
  • Collection Power was intended to accurately determine what league players are allowed to play in
    • However, CP is skewed as it isn't perfectly weighted between card sets and just a couple of old cards could give you enough CP for higher leagues

Reward Economy:

  • To begin with, you will not need SPS staked to earn SPS rewards
    • This will be a later stage once all the other priorities are completed and released
  • The 48 hour rental change will not pertain to card delegations


  • Team is still working on releasing the details for Liquidity Pool rewards as the SPS airdrop is ending soon
    • The development of the LP reward smart contracts is already underway
    • The numbers are still being determined though
  • More utility is constantly being developed for both SPS and vouchers
    • Rift Watchers is right around the corner
    • New promo cards will be introduced
    • Cool ideal that came out of NFTY NYC (to be revealed)

Creative Team Miscelleaneous Opportunities:

  • Most of the narrative team are published authors
    • Splinterlands comic book may be on the horizon
    • Same with DND or table top games


  • Land workers stats and abilities of cards may not originally affect how they work on Land
    • Rather the CP of cards will have the biggest impact/boosts
    • Old cards and Gold Foils will have the biggest impact due to the larger collection powers
  • No plans on releasing SPS rewards for Land holders until Land functionality is released

Rift Watchers:

  • Will include 1 Epic summoner for each Splinter
  • Will have abilities like the DICE summoners



Concept Icons For New Daily Focuses

Grandmaster Rathe Wallpaper


Recent Announcements

Ranked Rewards Updates Follow-Up

  • New Daily Focuses
  • Daily Focus Mechanic Update
  • Focus Splinter/Element No Longer Guaranteed to be Active
  • Changing Minimum Card Rental Time to 2 Days
  • Adding Merits as a Chest Reward
  • Higher Potion Quantities in Higher Tier Reward Chests

The Grandmaster Rathe airdrop is now claimable!

  • To claim your cards, go to the Shop screen and click on the NEW AIRDROP banner or AIRDROPS button
  • The cut-off time for eligible pack purchases to count for this airdrop was 11:30 am EST / 3:30 pm UTC on July 9
  • Odds are 0.1818% per eligible pack, with 1 guaranteed card for every 550 packs

Odyssey - Tome of Chaos Story

  • The story this week highlights Bera Dallin


Past AMA Summaries


Next AMA - Monday, July 18th, 4PM Eastern (8PM UTC)


If you are going for minimum 2 days rental, then make a rule of repeating daily focus splinters or abilities for consecutive days. This will solve your ecr farming issue as well as save real players from renting double in two consecutive days. Or another way to stop ecr farmers is by limiting daily focus battles per day to a limit. Think before applying this as it's going to negatively impact renters. Thanks


I like most changes but putting restrictions on renting is a big mistake. It only makes players less likely to rent out their own cards and rent for themselves.


Matt is looking more and more like Chuck Norris every time I see him 😂


these changes make me feel uncomfortable, especially the one with dec and sps, feels like someone in the team has lots of dec and now wants to frantically increase the value. in the past they even argued the opposite, that the dec value can even drop to 0.0000001$ and this would even be good as long as it doesn't fluctuate quickly, because it's all about stability and not the value........


That's a very detailed post! I don't think I've been to a Town Hall meeting (for anything) since before the Hive Fork.


Good positive changes and like how we constant evolve and change which is critical for any successful project.


Thank you for all the updates.
I am going to get ready for the next airdrop.


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I don't like the idea of the only way to get DEC is through SPS burning and burning of cards, it will make it really hard to build a guild unless you have deep pockets, which new players getting into the game is going to be really hard to get into a guild, since that is the place where the merit drops can be used. If DEC was still available through daily and EOS chests it would be easier to build a guild up.


Overall this is very good for the Splinterlands games longevity. Both SPS and DEC included. Agg and Matt's job is to keep assets valuable. They are balancing DEC. Good.


Am confused about DEC now in how we will get it!


DEC will be mainly the in-game currency. So rather than earning it like you currently do, you will have to obtain it through any of the following:

  • Selling cards
  • Burning cards
  • Leaderboards
  • Buying/trading in liquidity pools
  • Tournaments possibly?

ah yes the liquidity pools, I need to look more into that.
Thanks for this.


I am not sure about the changes, I was excited about the last update but to be honest, in the end, I feel cheated.

I spend 3k DEC on rentals for Dimond which was okay as diamond daily rewards were nice but then they dropped the new update and suddenly I was getting only gold chests. Only because I am not able to press "new focus" on time as I am working and living (I am 38 years old so pretty busy).

So now I am still spending 3k on rentals and getting fewer rewards... On the other hand, my second account is in bronze, I am getting 20 chests in a few minutes of playing and the chance of getting something nice is still there for much less work...

In the end, the new system punished people who really play the game and need to rent the cards, forcing them to rent cards before the new quest is very unfair. In comparison someone who has 5 accounts in bronze will still get a better value. If this approach will go on the card market is gonna collapse and DEC will go to shit as it is happening right now.. even now I am starting to sell everything and buying HIVE as currently return from HIVE will be 200%-2000% in the few years where the return from cards will be shit.

Posted using Splintertalk


DEC price is down because of whole crypto market dump. Second thing if you are not able to rent the cards then simply just buy the cards and slowly build your account, later you will get decent value for sure.