Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - July 25th, 2022 - 8PM Eastern!


Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • Cryptomancer (Developer)
    • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Edii (Creative)
    • Meokon (Account Support)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Main Topics:
    • Brawl & Marketing Updates 💥
    • Recent Announcements ⚡️
    • Eye Candy 👀
  • Recording:
  • Timestamps:

    • 00:50 - Team Introduction
    • 03:00 - Cryptomancer Update (Development/Brawls)
    • 17:45 - WeirdBeard Update (Brawls)
    • 30:00 - Chatter Update (Marketing)
    • 42:25 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 50:10 - Edii Intro (Creative)
    • 59:30 - Meokon (Support)
    • 1:04:05 - Q&A
    • 1:14:00 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:22:40 - Additional Q&A
    • 2:04:00 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥


  • Next big enhancement to brawls will be to add SPS rewards
    • 2.5M SPS/per month allocated to brawls
    • This amount reduces 1% per month and runs for 65 months (as per whitepaper)
  • Purpose of adding SPS rewards to Brawls is to incentivize more players to play in Brawls and for brawls to move up to higher tiers
  • There will be a fixed amount of SPS per Brawl tier
    • Higher tiers will have a much higher pool compared to the lower tiers
    • SPS rewards will then be split up based on the number of guilds participating in each tier
  • "Brawls are meant to be a marathon, not a sprint" - Cryptomancer
  • Having higher payouts at the top tiers should encourage new players to want to build their deck and get to that level so they can start earning more rewards too
  • Team is tentatively shooting for August/early September for SPS rewards to be released
  • Beyond SPS rewards, team is looking into they can make all Frays be easier to fill out for Guilds
    • Alpha/Beta and Gold Foil frays appear to be the hardest to fill out
  • Another upcoming change would be making Blood and Power Stones available for Vouchers instead of just Merits


  • Team has been in talks with a bunch of different influencers to get them onboard with Splinterlands
    • OG Heartstone player, Alliestrasza, will be streaming Splinterlands on Tuesday, July 26th
    • See Announcements section for more info!
  • More information about Splinterfest should be released by next week
    • Ticket information, event information, and more of what to expect
  • 16bit & Chatter will be attending Futurist - Toronto - August 9th - 10th
  • Team is teasing a big announcement to be released on next week's Townhall

Creative Team:

  • Team created a new SPS Dashboard screen to replace the current one after the last airdrop occurs
    • Will contain a dashboard for SPS, Vouchers, & Nodes
  • Other current priorities are:
    • Rift Watchers
    • Land assets
    • Non-Card Market

Splinterlands TV:


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

Merits In Reward Chests:

  • Merits have been added to the reward chests since last week
  • Merits are soulbound and prevents giant bot farms from accumulating them all on one account
  • Adding merits to reward chests help collect Gladiators a little quicker than what players could before
    • Takes a large amount of Gladiators to level up so this addition should help with the slow grind

Rift Watchers:

  • Team will release the Rift Watches whitepaper with all the sale information as soon as they can
  • Breakdown of the cards included in the Rift Watcher set
    • Total # of Cards: 43
    • # of Commons: 12
    • # of Rares: 12
    • # of Epics: 12 (6 Airdropped Summoners | 6 Monsters)
    • # of Legendaries: 6
    • # of Promos: 1
  • Total RW Packs Minted: 3 Million
  • Price of RW Packs: $5

"Proof Of Victory":

  • New term coined by Aggroed - mix between "play-to-earn" and "pay-to-earn"
  • If you win battles, you will earn
  • Splinterlands caps the amount you can earn depending on your league
    • You can't just pay more to beat someone in your league, rather you need some skill involved as well
    • In addition, the higher the league you play in, the more rewards you will earn if you win

Chaos Legion Legendary Summoners:

  • The art for the rest of the CL Legendary summoners are complete
  • Yabapmatt is awaiting to assign the stats/abilities to the summoners as he analyzes the current battlefield


  • After the release of Rift Watchers, Creative team wants to change their character development pipeline
  • New pipeline will consist of including character skins like extra designs and colors



Splinterfest Wallpaper

Suidae Shaman - Rift Watchers Concept Art

Sketch Concepts

Skargore - Rift Watchers Epic Fire Summoner

Inevitable - Rift Watchers Concept Art


Recent Announcements

Alliestrasza Splinterlands Stream

  • Streaming on Tuesday, July 26th at 3PM PST | 6PM EST
  • OG and top Heartstone player
  • Will create additional Splinterlands content in the coming weeks as well

The Well of Power

  • Next Tale from the Tome of Chaos


Past AMA Summaries


Next AMA - Monday, August 1st, 10AM Eastern (2PM UTC)


Not a lot in this one but the marketing efforts seem to be picking up nicely. Also, the art in rift watchers really has a land element to it if that makes sense. I like it a lot.

One thing I'm curious about. I keep hearing aggy say splitnerlands has a proof of time put in element that's really important. I wonder how that gets reconciled with the existence of bots everywhere who once created and implemented, don't require a player to put in time at all.



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Excited to watch the twitch stream and see how that goes for marketing on Splinterlands could be some good potential there. Also good deets on Rift Watchers!


When and how to Claim our LP DEC rewards


and so we say goodbye to the airdrop with an o7 salute