Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - June 13th, 2022 - 1PM Eastern!


Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • Yabapmatt (Chief Product Officer)
    • Chatter (Head of Marketing)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Tyler Jorgensen (NFTy Arcade Guild)
    • Virev (Creative Coordination)
    • WeirdBeard (Tournaments/ESports)
    • EClements (Support)
    • Shasha228 (Data Engineer)
    • MelonMan (Development)
    • r0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Main Topics:
    • Splinterlands vs Red Market 💥
    • NFTy Arcade ⚡️
    • Q&A 👀
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 01:05 - Aggroed & Yabapmatt (General Updates)
    • 16:30 - Tyler Jorgensen Intro/Update (NFTy Arcade Guild)
    • 44:20 - Virev Intro/Update (Creative Team)
    • 53:40 - Nateaguila Update (Creative Director)
    • 1:01:15 - Chatter Update (Marketing)
    • 1:04:50 - WeirdBeard Update (Tournaments/ESports)
    • 1:05:50 - EClements Intro/Update (Support Team)
    • 1:09:10 - Shasha228 Intro/Update (Data Engineer)
    • 1:14:45 - MelonMan Intro/Update (Development)
    • 1:19:30 - r0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:27:35 - Q&A
    • 2:04:05 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥

Splinterlands vs Red Market:

  • Even with the current state of the market, Splinterlands will continue to run
    • Development continues as normal and will continue to for a while
    • Splinterlands has been through this before, and we will get through it again
  • DEC price is below soft peg of ($0.001)
    • Arbitrage opportunity with buying DEC and buying Chaos Packs in-store
      • Chaos Legion packs are $4 or 4000 DEC
  • Team suggestion: Continue looking at the projects fundementals as Splinterlands continues to build utility for all assets

NFTy Arcade Update:

  • NFTy Arcade is both a platform and guild for Splinterlands
  • NFTy Arcade is trying to help any player or organization manage their decks/accounts and rewards
  • NFTy Arcade is a huge believer in Splinterlands
    • Sees much more potential value in Splinterlands than Axie Infinity

Creative Updates:

  • Creative Team is cranking out assets for the following:
    • Legendary Summoners
    • Rift Watchers
    • Lore
    • Land
    • Ranked Rewards / Modern vs Wild
  • Check out some awesome Eye Candy in the section below!

Marketing Updates:

  • Team has been Beta testing with the partnership with Potion
    • ~1.5 weeks in and ~500 new signups already
  • Focusing a lot on public relations during bear market to get new people in
  • Youtube/Google waiting on verification
  • Still working on partnerships for tournament sponsors
  • Only 15 days left to get a Yodin Zaku or Byzantine Kitty plushy (See Announcements)

Splinterlands TV:

  • SplinterlandsTv Stream account reached 1k subscribers!
  • The 1000th subscriber received 500 SPS


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

DEC Value:

  • Team isn't going to change anything to force the DEC price to stay at a certain price
    • Team will always value DEC at 1000 DEC for $1 ($0.001)
  • If there is massive sell pressure, then CL packs and potions will be that much cheaper
    • DEC is backed by Splinterlands assets
    • As long as the game continues to grow and demand continues for in-game assets, then DEC price should stay relative


  • Totems are NFTs that will be able to be placed on Land plots to increase certain aspects like production
    • 50% of the supply have already been released
    • Other 50% will be released with Land release
  • Boss monsters will most likely be associated with Land release
    • Non-Card market is scheduled for this summer and is the predecessor for Land

Chaos Legion:

  • The current state of the Chaos Legion set is exactly where the game was with Untamed
    • Decent start, slow middle, but fast sellout once packs got close to the end of the supply
  • The Chaos Legion supply was increased so the set would last a while and allow new players to get in and buy packs for original price
    • Reason for 10x supply, double price, and halved the CP of the cards
    • Still estimated to sell out in half the time that Untamed did

Ranked Rewards:

  • Team is looking at everything that is going on and listening to community feedback in regards to Ranked Rewards
    • There will be updates, however, the team is analyzing a whole season first before making any changes
    • Team will look over all of the data, see what is going on, and see where things need to be fixed
    • Solutions won't be immediate because they have to vetted out and deemed necessary for long-term health
  • Mobile app is in the testing phase for supporting the new Ranked Reward system



Concept Novice Badge Animation

Modern vs Wild Concept Badges

Legendary Overflowing Hills [Magical] - Land Reveal

Rare Fertile Forest [Occupied] - Land Reveal


Recent Announcements

Validator Node License Rewards

  • Voucher Airdrop has begun for all Node License holders
  • Since the start of the Node License sale, the Splinterlands community has officially burned over 20M SPS and sent over 5M SPS to the DAO so far!

Plushy Sale

  • 15 days left to pre-order a Yodin Zaku and Byzantine Kitty plushy
  • 200 of each need to be purchased in order to start the production of them
  • Visit the campaign links below to learn more about each one

Yodin Zaku Plushy | Byzantine Kitty Plushy

Obelisk Shield Part II - Tome of Chaos Story

  • Next tale of the Tome of Chaos story


Past AMA Summaries


Next AMA - Monday, June 20th, 4PM Eastern (8PM UTC)


Watched the whole thing on YT today. Why are people so afraid of Splinterlands disappearing? It's absurd to me. The assets are ON-Chain forever. No way they just disappear into nothingness.


It is more so if the team is going to continue to build on top of the current game and bring more utility. Without that, people will lose interest and try to offload all their assets.

But as the live recording and this summary states, the team plans on continuing to build Splinterlands for a very long time, even with the current state of the market.


The Hardcore Core of the Splinterlands Community would never just offload. That's a ridiculous thought.

But it's still good to see that they keep up the pace.


i will play the game up to next 14 years, because I believe we can get through this once again.. everything looks amazing now and the creative team is the best !!


Thanks the update, more power



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price does not matter at all and this situation is not new for splinterlands i will keep playing


Things are looking great! I'm glad that the Red market doesn't affect the development of our beloved game.

Hopefully Mobile app turns out great and gains us more active players!


Hopefully we resist this red market!