Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - June 5th, 2023!



Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Weirdbeard (Brawlhalla)
    • Nate (Creative)
    • R0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Special Guest:
    • Charlie from Chibi Dinos
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 02:25 - Charlie from Chibi Dinos
    • 13:40 - Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • 20:55 - R0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 31:45 - Weirdbeard (Brawlhalla)
    • 52:35 - Nate (Creative)
    • 1:16:35 - Weirdbeard (Brawlhalla)
    • 1:29:40 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Charlie from Chibi Dinos

  • Invennium website now live. This will be a modular, back end platform solution for brands to start building in web3, cheaper and faster than they would be able to by building a team from scratch.
  • Chibi Dinos will be the first Invennium partner. They are a NFT basketball game using Invennium to power their game.
  • NFT project of basketball and dinosaurs
  • Primal Hoop is their game
  • Will live on the Genesis League Sports ecosystem
  • Arcade style game
  • Paired with some NBA players
  • primalhoop.com

Tuesday Release Update with Investygator

Last week's updates

5 Year anniversary event
New Settings option - can have your cards locked by default
Market cleanup

Survey Boosts Expired

The initial duration for buying survey boosts will end tomorrow. You can still survey deeds, but there is no longer the option to add Building In A Box, Time Crystals, or Unstable Totem boosts.

General Updates

Some changes have been made to improve market performance. There should no longer be the odd delay where a cancelled, or completed, item would still show up on the active market items API (market/active_status) and should now immediately appear in the completed market item (market/completed_status).

Fixed an issue with $/BCX rounding incorrectly on the in-game market display.

Fixed an issue with the player name appearing, instead of the WAX address, on the notification when transferring packs or land tokens out to WAX.

At the request of a third party market, we have added an additional sort option to the market/market_query_by_card API - low_price_by_level. Passing this as the sort option will return the lowest price/bcx cards per level for all levels of that card, with a default of 10 and a limit of 100 cards. To fully rehash the options for this API:

  • id (also accepts card_detail_id) - a required integer for the specific card to be looked up on the market.

  • gold - optional parameter that will filter to gold on ‘true’, otherwise defaults to showing regular foil.

  • type - optional parameter that will filter to rentals if ‘rent’ is given, defaults to items for sale.

  • rental_type - optional parameter, only used for rentals that will filter to seasonal rentals if ‘season’ is passed, otherwise defaults to daily rentals.

  • fee - optional parameter, integer version of the fee (i.e., 500 = 5%) that will filter to only show items that are greater than or equal to the value. Default is 500 as the normal in-game market.

  • edition - optional parameter, integer value that specifies the edition of a card. Only needed when Alpha/Beta cards share an ID. If there is only one edition of a card, it will default to that. For Alpha/Beta it will default to Alpha if not passed.

  • sort - optional parameter, can be 'low_price_by_level', 'low_price', 'high_price', 'low_price_bcx', 'high_price_bcx', 'high_bcx', or 'low_bcx'. The default value is low_price_bcx.

  • limit - optional parameter, integer value that limits the number of results returned. Default is 200, maximum is 1,000 normally, when using low_price_by level the default is 10 and maximum is 100.

  • level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards whose level is of the given value. If not set, returns all cards. This overrides min_level and max_level options and is unused with low_price_by level.

  • min_level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards at this level or greater. May be combined with max_level, but not level and is not used with low_price_by_level.

  • max_level - optional parameter, integer value that will only return cards at or below this value. May be combined with min_level, but not level and is not used with low_price_by_level.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

Fixed an issue with Chaos Legion, Riftwatchers, and Nightmare packs on WAX not showing up in on the Transfer balances.

Weirdbeard - Brawlhalla

image (2).png

  • 5 year anniversary burning event - 484 million DEC burned so far
  • Closed out the Zyriel sale
  • Land Survey Boost packages expire tomorrow
  • Roadmap for this age
    • Land 1.5
      • Asset staking
      • Plot clearing
      • Resource production
      • Market and Bridging
      • Land surfing
  • Ranked battle changes
  • Replacing CP with SPS staking
    • The more SPS you have staked - the more you earn at different league levels
  • Blocking the bots for Modern - progress being made
  • Soulkeep - coming up
  • Mini Set

👀 Eye Candy with Nate 👀

UX User Journey Flowchart

UX user journey flowchart.png

Guild Power Banner


Vruz and Battle Mage

wallpaper_vruz-and battle mage.jpg

Animated Loot Chest

ezgif.com-resize (3).gif

Animated Bronze Wild Badge

ezgif.com-resize (5).gif

Animated Champion Modern Badge

ezgif.com-resize (6).gif

Splinterlands TV


During the Summoner Summer promotion, we will be giving away up to 6 prizes per stream, or 3 per hour, which means about 2000 chances per month for you to win. As the name states, this giveaway will be very summoner heavy. There will be a mix of Chaos Legion summoners, Alpha and Beta summoners at various levels, Gold Foil Promo Summoners plus a max Delwyn Dragonscale, and dozens of Untamed Rare and Legendary Summoners including the grand prize GOLD FOIL BYZANTINE KITTY!! If you would like to stand a chance at winning some of the fantastic prizes up for grabs all you have to do is tune in to SplinterlandsTV and follow the streamer's prompts.

  • Townhall shoutouts: a_greatSAIYANman Sheloe mystfang Val_Kyrie_08 a__MarcioSpy solving_chaos bitcoinflood brazenblake slifer_spl BronkoNr5 VruzDidNothingWrong gijishoyo jagged71 00000_kray007_00000 holoz0r afrozenturon 1WengSmith1125 0o0o_h_e_z_a_o0o0o 0_bigbarger_0 bordelmusic Ourolokii hendur62 walkthegrid mobetare walkthegrid CrazyJest3r Mrsirdrdudebro 23_shikiphantom_23 alviny91 asdfghjkiraaa KaninoKaLangg oudekrijger SkireNJ 0_superc0w 0 00000000__pero82__AAA PlanRG Mr_AsianHeart asdfghjkiraaa voazena a_larkin36_a solving_chaos 0000_jabeeliever_0000


🔥 Support Tutorial 🔥

How Do I Vote On SPS Governance Proposals?

  • Read the Support article above to better understand how to vote on the SPS Governance proposals
  • Access proposals on the SPS Proposal Page


Past Town Hall Summaries


Next Town Hall - Monday, June 19th, 8PM Eastern (12AM UTC)


I'd be curious to learn more and understand how https://invennium.com/ applies to Splinterlands if at all or maybe it seems like it would only be connected to the GLX token for governance? The benefits to investors of GLX and players?


And the development continues. Good to see the new roadmap.


Good to see things comming. For new modern players the postponement of Rebellion is a bummer. Would have loved to see Zaku and Kitty go out of modern soon.


Did the SPS staking limit changed? I got to Silver 3 with 400+ SPS staked when last I remembered, you need like 1800+ sps