Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - May 2nd, 2022 - 8PM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • Z416175 (Developer - Kron Job)
    • Cryptomancer (Developer - Dark Eternals Team)
    • Antiosh (Developer - Dragon Riders Team)
    • WeirdBeard (Tournaments/ESports)
    • Bulldog1205 (Community Manager)
    • Doogie (VP of Project Management)
    • Steamdan (Community Moderator)
    • Kay (Marketing)
  • Main Topics:
    • Company Updates 💥
    • Q&A Summary ⚡️
    • Recent Announcements 👀
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:45 - General Intro
    • 03:00 - Z416175 Intro/Update (Developer - Kron Job)
    • 17:50 - Cryptomancer Update (Developer - Dark Eternals)
    • 31:00 - Antiosh Intro/Update (Developer - Dragon Riders)
    • 42:20 - WeirdBeard Update (Tournament/ESports)
    • 57:40 - Bulldog1205 Update (Community Manager)
    • 1:08:35 - Doogie Update (VP of Project Management)
    • 1:13:15 - Steamdan Intro/Update (Community Moderator)
    • 1:19:10 - Kay Intro/Update (Marketing)
    • 1:28:30 - Q&A
    • 2:00:10 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥

Development Updates:

  • Kron job team is working on the following, in order:
    • Tech Modernization
    • Non-Card Market
    • Land
  • Tech Modernization is rebasing the code, but with more modern and efficient technology
    • Will speed up the process for releasing new features
    • Increases performance and scalability
  • Since Land is such a big, important feature, the team realized that the technology behind Splinterlands needed to be updated
  • Release Priorities:
    • Ranked Rewards
    • Tech Modernization or Modern/Wild (still TBD on which one goes first)

Tournament/ESports Updates:

  • New tournament mode is estimated to be released possibly by end of May
    • Planning stage has been complete
    • New mode should give tournaments more life and participation
  • Modern/Wild tournaments are coming soon too with the Modern/Wild release
  • Team is very close to getting tournament sponsors as well
  • WeirdBeard will upload a document in Discord that lists all the tournaments, entry fees, and requirements

Warner Music Group Updates:

  • Kay and Aggroed are working on the Warner Music Group (WMG) projects
  • If the WMG projects are built on Hive, then you can log into all of them through single sign-on (SSO) with your Hive account
    • Allows for easy access to existing Hive users
    • Increases exposure for Splinterlands with the new artists & newcomers

General Team Updates:

  • New VP of Engineering has been hired and is being onboarded currently
    • Has a great wealth of experience and knowledge to share with the team


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

SPS Validators:

  • Validators will be a huge step in achieving decentralization
  • Meaning, big parts of the game can be voted on by SPS holder
  • However, anything that impacts the core business will be handled directly by the Splinterlands team

Guild Brawl Frays:

  • Biggest issue with Guild Brawls currently is having guilds plateau
    • Most guilds aren't currently moving up to the higher leagues as it may not be worth it
    • New Guild Brawl changes are the first step in tackling this issue
  • Team will consider reevaluating the Brawl frays
    • Lower tiers consist of frays such as Alpha/Beta Only & Gold Foils Only that are difficult for newer guilds to fill
  • SPS rewards for Guild Brawls are on the backlog but probably not until after Modern/Wild is released

Ranked Rewards:

  • Starter cards will be marked as starter cards when building your lineup during a battle
    • This allows players to view what starter cards they own and what starter cards they don't
    • Each starter card that you use in a battle and don't own will result in a DEC decrease
  • New Reward cards release and distribution have yet to be announced

DEC Lending Contracts:

  • Team has thought about building the option to give cards to a smart contract and being able to take out loans agains them
  • Integrates more DEFI into the game

Bronze Playstyle:

  • The team is fully aware of the difficulty that new players experience when coming into the game
  • New team members experience these difficulties all the time directly
  • Marketing team and Data Analytics team has been focusing efforts on the lower leagues as well



Modern/Wild Tournaments

Tournaments are labeled as Modern or Wild

New Game Mode option when creating tournaments

Info buttons are updated accurately to reflect cards allowed


Recent Announcements

Crypto.com Exchange Listing Update

  • We have gone live with one of the campaigns in which users who register and are trading SPS can win from a $100,000 worth of SPS prize pool!
  • Please note there will be another campaign once the US pairing has been sent live (Crypto.com is working on that pairing currently)
  • Crypto.com Twitter Link

Crypto.com App Listing

  • Splintershards (SPS) is now listed in the Crypto.com App and can be bought at true cost with USD, EUR, GBP, and 20+ fiat currencies

Brawl Economy Update

  • The new changes will look to accomplish two things, being:
    1. Decrease the disparity in Brawl prizes between top performing guilds and lower performing guilds, and;
    2. Better incentivize guilds to move up to higher Brawl Tiers.
  • The updates are set to go live on April 30, 2022

Splinterlands (SPS) Token Updates

  • Final private sale investor SPS token distribution went out yesterday which will reduce the amount of new SPS minted by 20M / month
  • Additionally, there are less than 90 days left of the airdrop which will drop the new emissions significantly again
  • On the flip side, we have the validator node license sale coming up as well as the Riftwatchers mini-edition, both of which will only be purchasable using the SPS token.


Past AMA Summaries


Next AMA - Monday, May 9th, 10AM Eastern (2PM UTC)


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They told me if I killed myself now it would save the lives of countless others.
Saying the longer I wait to kill myself the more people will suffer.

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is there anything planned after the airdrop that rewards holders? i'm afraid that after the airdrop the prices of cards and dec could plummet so there is no incentive to hold more than you need to play 😞


No there are no planned rewards for after the airdrop is over. The airdrop was just an extra reward for all asset owners, it was never a core feature part of the game.


but most of the players came when the airdrop was introduced, or am i misinformed?
the card prices also went up only then, didn't they?
so if i am right, it is very obvious that after the airdrop the prices will collapse


We saw our biggest growth when SPS was introduced, not necessarily the airdrop (even though they were introduced almost at the same time).

Card prices are more correlated to the price of DEC and SPS. If either one of those fall, then card prices normally fall as well. If either one increases, card prices follow the same pattern. I don't think the end of the SPS airdrop will have any effect on card prices as most people are hoarding DEC or other assets in order to maximize their airdrop reward. Holding cards was one of the least efficient ways.


I know that dec was cheaper when it came to the pure airdrop points, but in my opinion, dec was also the greater loss in value to be expected and with cards you could still earn money at the time with rent and play, so I came to the conclusion, dec is indeed at the time of purchase more efficient, but in the end probably not!
i think i'm not the only one who has gone down this train of thought....

I am curious how it will develop!


I saw a problem of deliver on commitment for spl team.

Seems always throw out a big hope to players and keep consuming players patient with endless postpone.

I don't know how other think about this. But for me , it's not good at all and plants a big question to players mind whether Spl team say is trustable.
So people will loss hope and whatever is out ,then it's out.


The team is just being very transparent on what they are working on, and where they are at in the process.

The issue is that people ask for deadlines and since the team is still growing and getting through scalability issues, those deadlines seem to be delayed a bit recently.

However, as the team continues to get more experience under their belt and start meshing better, features and enhancements are going to start flying out the door. Just give us a little more time and I guarantee you that the roadmap items will all be met when stated.


Totally understandable. Their transparency is also appreciated.

However when come to the public communication, whatever timeline they are talking about, people count for it.

So probably any new things they are thinking about, communicate publicly only when they are confident on the timeline they talk about. It will gain a better reputation.


When will the ranked reward changes regarding the starter cards take effect? How much will using a starter card reduce the DEC earned? What's the impact of using a rented card vs. an owned card?


could you give some examples of this "However, anything that impacts the core business will be handled directly by the Splinterlands team?"


I'm just a player, but I read that statement to be things like:

The community can vote for things like :

  • Spending the SPS Fund on marketing
  • Should card X get an extra armor point

Things like :

  • Should there be a new card edition released in 2023

would not be up for a vote because the card editions are how the Splinterlands company makes it's revenue.