Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - May 8th, 2023!

Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder & CEO)
    • Chatter (Director of Growth)
    • Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • Weirdbeard (Brawlhalla)
    • Nate (VP of Creative)
    • R0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 00:35 - Team Introduction
    • 07:50 - Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer)
    • 18:35 - R0nd0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 27:00 - Chatter (Director of Growth)
    • 1:15:35 - Weirdbeard (Brawlhalla)
    • 1:31:50 - Nate (VP of Creative)
    • 1:41:10 - Q&A


💥 Company Updates 💥

Tuesday Release Update with Investygator

General Updates

Asset Locking has been extended to Titles. You can now lock Titles so that they cannot be sold or traded until they have been unlocked and the number of days has expires, in the same fashion as Cards or Deeds.

Two new optional parameters have been added to marketplace_purchase, market_purchase, and market_rent operations - expected_dec_price & dec_mismatch_percent. This is to cover the case where blocks are behind or a price feed is incorrect. The transaction will compare the current DEC price when processed vs. the passed in expected_dec_price value, and if the difference is greater than the dec_mismatch_percent it will reject the transaction. The expected_dec_price should be a non-zero positive floating point value and the dec_mismatch_price a non-zero positive integer.

Items Hotfixed into the Game Prior to the Release

Made some improvements to the data we log for promo card sales to make it easier to track what currency was spent and number of vouchers used.

Chatter - Marketing Update

Chibi dinos + Invennium
-Chibi Dinos wants to build a new game and they came to us for help
-We built GLG from scratch - we are replicating that process by starting Invennium - our platform to help other people build
-Invennium is the template of codebase
-Chibi will be using that template to build their new game
-Marketing collab
-Chibi will be the first company to use invennium
-Onboarding through invennium
-Helping games get into the web3 market
-Will expand our userbase

-Working on attribution and retention
-Scraping tons of data to try to redefine our lead funnels
-This informs how we change around onboarding to them help us push a revamped user onboarding experience
-Biggest issue we face currently is retention and its within the first 7 days that we see users dropping so we really need to help them find their product fit and clearly defined use case
-SEO we see has continued to keep climbing in rankings
-Working with backlink partners to help strengthen our overall domain rating which we can then target skyscraper content with
-Looking at subdomain to help execute some of that content
-Subdomain blog to help drive new SERP listings (targeting first page on google for core keywords)

-Beth is back and will be charging into partnerships full time since its something we have had to manage off the side of our desk

-CPA was running at $33 before the bear hit. We had to pull out due to diminishing returns and heightened CPAs, but we are prepped to kick things back off given another bull.

-WB has been conducting a lot of surveys on behalf of the company. On top of everything, we've seen that fun gameplay and fresh in game content

New Game modes
-We hear the general sentiment towards sales and single point of sale promo cards
-We need to find more exciting ways to monetize the game
-Part of why we brought about Invennium is to offset this
-We want to look at things like battle passes or arena runs like you see in hearthstone. That way players have an opportunity to engage and earn back without having steep barrier to entry costs

Other games
-We have been working on other things like invennium behind the scenes. GLG has taken a chunk of time off of marketing's plate as well to get running.
-This isn't to say that this will not impact SPL though as all these games will be cross promoted in one circular ecosystem
-With the GLG launch, we will have MLS players promoting the game and with those users, we will cross promote to SPL, etc.
-Have to be careful with how we allocate spend, but if we can capitalize on these games launching and big partnerships around it, we can target net new audiences
-TD got some new video content and will be sharing it this week

Arcade Colony
-Listing platform for more games
-Fork of the GLG system
-Talking with Unity
-Invennium allows people who have built in Unity to build here
-We can find Web2 unity games and bring them here through Invennium
-This will bring their audience as well

Weirdbeard - Brawlhalla

  • Promo card available for purchase
  • Validators in June
  • Land 1.5 in June
  • Bug clean up
    • Paypal issues
    • Battle issues
    • Tech modernization
  • On the Horizon
    • Mini Set after Land 1.5
    • Battles 2.0
    • New player tutorials
    • New user experience
    • New Game modes
  • Ghost tournament this Friday at 3pm EST

Splinterlands TV

Attention all Splinterlands fans! Get ready for Monster May-hem on SplinterlandsTV, where we will be giving away amazing cards to viewers for the entire month of May! We had a great response to our other promotions, so we're excited to bring this event back for a fourth time. Check out this post for more info.

  • Townhall shoutouts: hezakarew25 VruzDidNothingWrong djrockx splinterleaf bo0mburst shikiphantom solving_chaos ownjing 0nizz bobaphetit mystfang

👀 Eye Candy with Nate 👀







🔥 Support Tutorial 🔥

How Do I Vote On SPS Governance Proposals?

  • Read the Support article above to better understand how to vote on the SPS Governance proposals
  • Access proposals on the SPS Proposal Page


Past Town Hall Summaries


Next Town Hall - Monday, May 15th, 1PM Eastern (5PM UTC)


Amazing, love the updates! 😉


Thanks, it all looks like good stuff!


Battle pass is the best idea we've had in a while.


My recipe for better player retention:

  • Offer and promote a draft mode with ghost cards and a cheap entry fee,
  • Tournament is played in KO-System with 8 players,
  • Create a set of specific reward cards which are SB and only usable as additional cards for this draftmode,
  • Each participicant gets some of these rewards cards as prize, random bcx and random rarity like in reward chests,
  • Winner gets main prize and runner up consolation prize funded by entry fee

Finally they mentioned battle 2.0


I know! Splinterfest was Oct 8-9 when they showed it and it's been +6months and not really mentioning it.

  • they need to update the mobile app and make it more exciting like Battles 2.0 will be. The app seems to have been left alone since it was made. Think about how many more players they could get playing on their phones if it was a good and exciting experience. Mobile games are a huge market, imagine if SPL mobile was as good as the game SNAP by Marvel. I personally just pull up a browser on my phone to play as the app isn't it!!!

Ditch the mobile app, rework the website to be responsive instead.


Player retention is a big challenge as, people stays only if there is new content and if they feel themselves progressing.

Maybe a story mode and weekly/season events could help to keep people engaged in the game longer as it creates a variation of gameplay (and not only pvp battles 100% of the time). However, that would take a lot of time and efforts to build these elements.

To increase player adoption, it could be interesting to offer a "free to play" mode and a good Android/iOS app.
One way is to integrate an NFTy arcade like deck renting system directly in the game's interface (the cards could be provided by anyone, SPL, 3rt party app or players).
Integrating this solution to the game's interface will allow more people to really experience the game and hopefully keep them longer in the game.
Actually, I would go even further by allowing new players to rent decks even without the summoner's book, however in this case the player's share of battle rewards would go directly to SPL team (no rewards without summoner's book).

Edit: corrected typo and syntax