Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - November 19th, 2021 - 9AM Eastern!



Town Hall Summary

  • Speakers:
    • Aggroed (Co-Founder)
    • Yabapmatt (Co-Founder)
    • Hardpoint (VP of Engineering)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • HomesteadHacker (Moderator Lead)
    • Kbux (Developer)
    • Isaria (Content Manager/Director of Music)
  • Main Topics:
    • More Chaos Legion Eye Candy 👀
    • Full Team Updates 💥
    • AMA Summary ⚡️
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:
    • Company Updates -> 2:00- 1:06:00
      • Chaos Legion Update From Matt -> 7:57-15:50
      • HomesteadHacker Introduction -> 16:10-21:49
      • HardPoint's Update (Dev, Support) -> 23:00-42:15
        • Kbux Introduction -> 24:30-26:30
        • SPS Governance Introduction -> 29:26-37:14
      • Nateaguila Eye Candy -> 42:40-1:04:05
      • Isaria Update -> 1:04:10-1:05:50
      • AMA Questions -> 1:06:15-1:59:00


💥 Company Updates 💥

Chaos Legion:

  • Pre-sale is currently at almost 600k packs sold
  • There is not a private sale for Chaos Legion
    • Rather, it is a volume discount for those looking to buy very large amounts
    • These purchases will still need vouchers if they want the bonus packs
    • These purchases also don't have an advantage of buying before anyone else
      • Will need to manually make the purchase once general sale is live within the Shop
    • Basically, they will be worked with one-on-one to make sure their purchase goes successfully

  • Packs can be opened officially on December 8th
    • All Chaos Legion cards can be used in ranked and tournaments
  • Team does not think Chaos Legion general sale will sell out in 24 hours
  • The first few airdrops for the general sale may be adjusted to include anyone who buys within the first 24 hours
    • This is to allow everyone the opportunity to get in on these airdrops
    • Official news on this topic will be posted in the near-future

Dev Updates:

  • Chaos Legion is still highest priority (launches December 8th)
    • Team is still implementing the stats of cards
  • Devs are committed to making the Chaos Legion launch as smooth as possible
    • Trying to anticipate the huge strain on servers and scaling to meet the demand
    • Servers have been in a very stable state for the past couple weeks
  • Devs are also actively working on the enhancing the market
    • Problem: Market items showing as available but actually sold
    • Partial Fix last week: warning of problem in real time
    • New Fix: New update will drive down chances that you are buying something that somebody else has already purchased
  • First version of SPS Governance
    • Will work similar to delegated PoS like on Hive, EOS, WAX, BSC
    • SPS token holders will be able to vote on Validators
    • Validators will run open-sourced software developed by Splinterlands
    • Splinterlands wallets will be transitioned to multisig wallets
      • Validators will be the signatories on these multisig wallets
    • Main change will be in regards to handling treasury funds
      • SPS token holders can submit proposals and vote on them
      • Validators will sign transaction for the proposal
      • Completely autonomous system and gives SPS community full control
    • Goal is to have this implemented by early next year

Support Updates:

  • Tickets are decreasing overall, even though community and game is growing
    • August/September had about 10k tickets per month
    • October had only around 7k tickets
  • Week over week, there were over 3 million new sessions on the Splinterlands site
    • 7.8M unique users -> 10.7M unique users (last week)
    • On track to being more than 10.7M unique users this week

Creative Updates:

  • Team is under pressure with Chaos Legion, but super excited for the launch
  • Chaos Legion is top priority, but other things like land are being worked on in parallel
  • Posted last story of the Tome of Chaos
    • These stories have some sneak peaks into Chaos Legion monsters!

Community Moderation Updates:

  • Welcome HomesteadHacker to the team!
    • Main goal is to provide a safe and secure community for everyone
    • See the updated post on our official Docs site!
  • Once organized, community moderation has some awesome plans:
    • Mini AMA's in Discord
    • Twitter AMA's/Sessions
    • Cooperate with Marketing & Support

Sales & Marketing Updates:

  • Team is working on giant deals with guilds/communities
    • Goal is to try to get as many people into the game as possible
  • Working on a lot of big partnerships as well
    • Stay tuned for the announcements

General Team Updates:

  • Continue to onboard new devs to take issues off of YabapMatt's plate
    • Matt wants to focus more on design and new feature development
    • Just added a couple more developers just last week
  • Reminder, all team members are players in the game as well
    • So when features are created, they are created from a player perspective first
  • Don't miss Dygycon this weekend!
  • Player Feedback
    • Feedback being taken at https://feedback.splinterlands.com/
    • Incorporates player feedback into the game
    • Community can vote on which feedback they like the most
    • Eventually will become a proposal for SPS holders to vote on
  • Team is working on bringing in game updates within the game itself
    • That way all players are exposed, and don't need to be on Discord or Telegram


⚡️ AMA Summary ⚡️

👀 = See Eye Candy!

Chaos Legion 👀:

  • Yabapmatt thinks general sale will last months, Aggroed thinks first week
    • Team is not going to change how the sale is going to go
  • Starter deck will change when the Chaos Legion is launched
    • Will be Untamed, Chaos Legion, Dice, and Untamed/CL Reward Cards
  • Aggroed will put out a post soon about the volume discounts they've been discussing


  • SPS utility is coming
    • Not top priority but still on the team's roadmap
  • Those who stake SPS will continue seeing greater earnings


  • If DEC decreases in price, DEC rewards will decrease as well
    • That is why there will be SPS rewards though as well in the future
  • Spending credits in game gives DEC more value
  • Team is constantly buying DEC every day in order to allow players to buy from the market with credits
    • Sellers receive DEC from sold cards, or rentals, even if bought with credits

In-Game Market:

  • Team is hoping to implement the in-game market for land, titles, totems, vouchers, etc...
  • Goal would be by end of 2021, but not guaranteed


  • Probably will leak into Q2 of 2022
  • After Chaos Legion, land will take the next top priority
  • Team will provide sneak peaks through Q1 of 2022


  • The vouchers given out during the presale and post-presale are the same token
  • Next voucher airdrop will continue on December 8th
    • Will be 66,666.66 vouchers dropped a day for 30 days
    • After the 30 days, voucher drop will be 20k/day indefinitely

Modern/Wild Ranked Formats:

  • Won't be released until January 2022 most likely
  • Collection power will probably align with the two different formats
    • Example: Alpha card's power won't count towards Modern CP

Player Feedback/Suggestions:

  • Any feedback or suggestions should be submitted to https://feedback.splinterlands.com/
  • So if you really want to see a change made, post your suggestion and get people to vote it!

Mobile App:

  • Team would love to enhance the current mobile app
    • Want to make it as effective as a desktop browser
  • Probably won't happen for another 3-6 months

Job Opportunities:



Chaos Legion Cards Preview

- New Ability: Scattershot (targets random enemy) -

New Wallpaper



Recent Updates

11-18-2021 Release Notes

  • Many behind-the-scenes small fixes to enhance the security of the game (you’ll be seeing this a lot)
  • Small scaling fix. We added a button on the profile to retrieve your Leaderboard position, this should return to being more visible in the future once we have a better scaling solution in place
  • Battle speed will be remembered from battle to battle from the same browser. (Community Feedback #5)

Chaos Legion Updates

  • Chaos Legion launch is December 8th
  • December 8th is when the first phase of the public sale will begin as well
    • 2M vouchers will be sold in the shop, still need vouchers to buy
    • Voucher airdrop will start again on this day and airdrop twice the amount of vouchers
    • The general sale won't start until all 2M packs are sold out


Past AMA Summaries

  • Friday, November 5th, 2021
    • Company Updates (Dev, Support & Marketing)💥
    • EYE CANDY (Chaos Legion Preview) 👀
    • AMA Questions & Answers ⚡️


Next AMA - To Be Determined Due To Holidays


Woah! Looking forward the Chaos Legion general sale!!


I'm looking forward to the launch on December 8th! Exciting times coming!


The illustrations of the new cards are so cool, thanks for showing them a bit before the packs are released. But it seems to me that the weapon on the Acid Shooter card is different from the general stylistics of the game. It seems so ... too mechanized? Similar to modern real weapons. I don't really like it when a fantasy world becomes a hybrid of different worlds. Just my opinion.


Thanks for keeping us updated and for all the hard work.
Love the artwork on these cards! !BEER


Thank you so much for writing out this update so I can share it with my guild. It is much appreciated!! Thanks!

upvoted by gameboyali.png


Starter deck will change when the Chaos Legion is launched
Will be Untamed, Chaos Legion, Dice, and Untamed/CL Reward Cards

I’m pretty sure this is incorrect. Starter deck will only include Untamed and Chaos, not dice or rewards cards. Modern format (when it’s released) will include those cards, however.


I hope you're right that packs will not be sold out in a matter of a single day or even minutes so everyone will have a chance to buy.


This looks amazing! Looking forward to the launch. Fingers crossed for my 20% chance at Dr.


Fantastic update.. looking forward to 8th Dec sale.


hanks for the update.

I have a few questions and would appreciate it if you could answer them, what exactly do you mean when you say, SPS backers will continue to see higher returns and If DEC drops in price, DEC rewards will drop as well.
So there will be SPS rewards also in the future At what price does dec have to drop to start getting sps rewards?

Another question Do you plan to block or limit multi accounts?

  1. The team is going to continue to incentivize SPS staking by giving out more rewards for those who stake. So they are basically saying that those who stake SPS are going to see much higher returns than those who don't.

  2. The DEC pool for the daily rewards was designed around DEC being equivalent to $1:1000DEC. Since DEC is more closer to $1:100DEC, that means the reward pool is currently 10x the amount it would normally be. The reason for this is that it is a mechanism in hopes to inflate the DEC supply by giving out more, however, that doesn't seem to be the case as the DEC price has been pretty steady around $1:100DEC.

  3. SPS rewards isn't affected by DEC price or anything. They just haven't had the time to get to it yet and release this feature, but it should be coming shortly after Chaos Legion is launched.

  4. No plans for blocking multi-accounts. My two cents on this topic is that it is almost to do so anyways, so not even worth the effort of trying to do so.


starting to accumulate my popcorn reserve


still super excited and supporting the game even if I won't be eligible to buy even 1 chaos pack 😅😅😅


Can´t believe I´m going to have my firt pack launch! I have a lot of Legendary and Alchemy potions desperately waiting for the packs LOL!! :D Excelent game! keep working hard!


Wow, with this minor update for SPS, now we Got more bonuses other than Staking rewards, I couldn't wait for the day, Thank You for the updates.


I am really looking foward to all the new updates. Can't wait to open up Chaos packs on the 8th. I am glad to see the Land upgrade on the timeline.


Thanks man! Looking forward for public sale soon, as one of the shrimp splinterlands user i am hoping that this first 2M packs will be sold as soon as possible. This will give me an opportunity to buy some packs without vouchers. More power and goodluck to us.