Splinterlands Town Hall Summary - September 26th, 2022 - 10AM Eastern!

Town Hall Summary

  • Team Members:
    • Aggroed (CEO)
    • WeirdBeard (ESports Manager)
    • Nateaguila (Creative Director)
    • Wrathed (Product Owner)
    • 16Bit (VP of Sales)
    • Sicarius (Developer)
    • Farpetrad (Developer)
    • r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
  • Special Guests:
    • NFTy Arcade (Guild & Scholarship Platform)
    • AJ Brockman (EMP)
    • Neal McSpadden (Valued Community Member)
  • Main Topics:
    • Land :zap:
    • Brawl/Tournaments :zap:
    • Splinterfest :zap:
  • Recording:

  • Timestamps:

    • 01:15 - Team Introduction
    • 04:20 - NFTy Arcade Update (Guild & Scholarship Platform)
    • 17:30 - AJ Brockman Update (EMP)
    • 27:30 - Wrathed Intro & Update (Land)
    • 39:00 - Farpetrad Update (Land)
    • 49:30 - Neal McSpadden Intro & Update (Proposals)
    • 1:17:00 - 16Bit Update (Sales)
    • 1:22:00 - WeirdBeard Update (Splinterfest Tournaments)
    • 1:28:00 - Nateaguila Update (Creative)
    • 1:35:20 - r0n d0n (Splinterlands TV)
    • 1:39:10 - Q&A
    • 2:00:00 - Closing Remarks


💥 Company Updates 💥


  • Prerequisites For Land:
    • 1st Step - Tech Modernization
      • In order to scale the platform properly, the team has transitioned the codebase to a React framework
      • Improves load time and stability
      • Pieces of Tech Modernization will be pushed out through October
    • 2nd Step - Non-Card Market
      • Allows for all assets beyond just cards to be bought and sold on the in-game market
      • Will support packs, titles, totems, and plot tokens
      • Non-Card Market is about 95% complete, waiting on last Creative assets
  • Phase #1 - Land Reveal
    • Land reveal will be a two step process
      • First, you will need to redeem your claim into a Land Deed
        • Redeeming will only show where on the map your Land is located
      • Second, you will need to survey your Land to discover the type of land, what resources are there, if you have a Castle/Keep on it, etc..
    • Team is still targeting Phase #1 to be Q4 of this year, with the potential of it rolling over to Q1 2023
  • Even with Land slowly being rolled out, the other projects that the team is working on does not take resources away from the Land development
    • Other projects like Runi and Tower Defense are different teams working separately on these projects
    • Tower Defense is being developed by a completely different company as well

SPS Governance Proposals:

  • There were four RiftWatcher presale proposals created in hopes of determining how to handle the RW Presale issues
  1. Reward everyone that bought in the final block of the presale
    • Proposal Passed with 85% For

  1. Allow purchasers to submit their vouchers if not done during presale
    • Proposal Passed with 73% For

  1. Refund any presale purchase if requested and from the DAO
    • Proposal Passed with 69% For

  1. Extend purchase length to 3 minutes after all presale packs sold out
    • Proposal Failed with 43% For


  • Team has opened up applications to become a Splinterlands Tournament Partner!
    • Selected applications will able to create Splinterlands tournaments without having to pay a tournament creation fee
    • If you are currently featured on the tournament White List, you will need to reapply again to join the list
    • Please fill out this application BEFORE October 1st when submissions close
  • Upcoming changes to Splinterlands hosted tournaments with RiftWatchers release (changes will not be applied right away, a couple weeks after RW is introduced)
    • Scarred Hand tournaments changing to CL/RW
    • Novice tournaments go from Untamed/CL to RW/CL
    • Chaos only Brawl Frays change to CL/RW


  • Splinterfest attendees may be able to receive QA access in order to practice with the Riftwatcher cards before the Splinterfest tournaments
    • The Splinterfest tournaments are going to be Open Tournaments meaning that all participants get the same cards and all are maxed
    • Mavs currently have QA access, but if you don't have access, this is your opportunity to practice with RW without needing to buy in game
  • Splinterfest Land Prizes:
    • Gold League Winner: 10 PLOTS
      • 2nd Place: 3 PLOTS
      • 3rd Place: 2 PLOTS
      • 4th Place: 1 PLOTS
    • Champion League Winner: 15 PLOTS
      • 2nd Place: 3 PLOTS
      • 3rd Place: 2 PLOTS
      • 4th Place: 1 PLOTS
    • MVP Voted on by Crowd: 5 PLOTS

Splinterlands TV:


Special Guests

NFTy Arcade:

  • NFTy Arcade is building a platform to solve two issues:
    • Player onboarding
      • Helping individuals get into games
    • Capital onboarding
      • Helping individuals invest and hold their hand through the process
  • Biggest perks of NFTy Arcade platform:
    • Buying/Renting a full Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond/Champion deck set at once, rather than buying the cards individually
    • Delegating a whole deck set out to scholars and customizing the allocation of rewards
  • Team is going to open 500 waitlist spots for the general public to get first access and test the platform
  • NFTy Arcade will be at Splinterfest and are looking forward to meeting everyone that attends!


  • DeFi project built on BSC that uses SPS and SPS liquidity to reward those who stake in the EMP BNB:SPS pool
  • EMP just launched their first service with Splinterlands called the Generator
    • The Generator is a daily ROI contract using SPS-BNB LP tokens to deliver returns through a series of incentives, taxes & compounding
    • Whitepaper Link
    • YouTube Link
  • EMP is one of the sponsors for Splinterfest and will be attending!


⚡️ Q&A Summary ⚡️

SPS Governance Proposals:

  • There is no date yet on when player proposals will be live currently


  • Basic workflow: Work Land -> Harvest Resources -> Craft Items/Spells
  • There may be empty spaces in between Land Plots for the team to introduce new Land gameplay features
  • Once Items/Spells are introduced, a second round of Battle Gameplay will be added to battles
    • First round = submitting your lineup as you normally do
    • Second round = equipping an item/spell after viewing your opponents lineup


  1. Riftwatchers will be fully playable and packs can be opened starting at 2PM eastern tomorrow (assuming the release goes well during tomorrow during planned maintenance.)

  2. No Riftwatchers airdrops will happen tomorrow.

  3. Riftwatchers packs will NOT contain any regular airdrop cards until after the first regular airdrop occurs.

  4. Timing for the first regular airdrop card will be announced some time after the promo airdrop occurs.

  5. Dates for the promo airdrops will be announced at a future time, pending the support team reconciling all support tickets related to SPS DAO votes. Please note the following deadlines:

    5a. The deadline to open a support ticket for proposal #2 is Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 by 12 PM EST (4 PM UTC).

    5b. The deadline to request a refund for proposal #3 is Saturday, October 8th, 2022 by 12 PM EST (4 PM UTC).

    5c. Please see this thread in #tech-updates for more information: https://discord.com/channels/447924793048825866/883971718765481994/1023844513078317086



More RUNI Variations

Ancient Redwood - Earth RW Legendary Monster - RW Airdrop #2


Past AMA Summaries


Next AMA - Monday, October 3rd, 1PM Eastern (5PM UTC)


Dang nice those are some really awesome plot prizes for splinterfest! Hope you all have a blast wont make it this year but for sure gearing up to go next year! Hope there will be some video and such to watch from splinterfest after though.


Those RUNIes are so beautiful.

And I'm really excited about tomorrow when we can open the Riftwatchers packs. But is there any way I can know if I'm eligible for the Riftwatchers airdrop?


The only way of knowing is once the airdrops occur and when you click the Claim button in game.

Did you buy in during the RW presale?


Yes, I bought 50 RW packs. But there's no way knowing if that buy from the pre-sale or general sale. Because the general sale starts just after the end of the pre-sale.


To bad once again bronze and silver has been cut out of this. But it doesn't really matter anymore. I'll get there one day lmfao