Ensure you're using a good Splinterlands deck by using the Splintertools browser extension

Using the Splintertools browser extension to ensure you're using a good Splinterlands deck

We've just released a browser extension that allows players to view expected win rate of their deck and detailed information about the opponent player. This information is displayed directly on the Splinterlands team building page. You no longer need to use the Splintertools site to view this information!

What the extension shows

  • Expected win rate of your current deck
  • Decks that your opponent has used recently with similar mana costs
  • Historical battle decks that others have used with the same ruleset and mana cost
  • Whether your currently built deck win/loses against the historical decks

 "Splintertools chrome extension"

Video demo

How to use this extension

  • You can download the extension at the chrome web store.
  • The extension can be installed on Brave, Google Chrome, Opera, Windows Edge, or any other browser that supports chrome extensions.
  • You must be a subscriber on Splintertools.io for the extension to work!
  • The price of one month of Splintertools is currently 1 Hive

To receive timely updates about Splintertools or to learn more about the extension, join our discord server


It is an impressive tool. Thank you for sharing