Deeplurker - What nightmares are made of


Its grotesque tongue lolled as the enormous fish seized the smallest Swimhunter by the waist, teeth tearing into rubbery flesh. Another churn of water, and the Deeplurker descended into darkness with its prey.

Honestly, this creature terrifies me. Imagine swimming and this monster quietly lurks beneath you... Patiently waiting for that perfect time to pull you into the dark of the abyss.

With the introduction of the Deeplurker into the Water splinter, it has been nothing but an absolute beast! As such, it deserves the spotlight for this week!


The Stats


The Deeplurker is blessed with scary facial features and insane abilities.
Opportunity at Level 1, Poison at level 6 and Demoralize at level 10.

It has an insane base damage of 3, and a large 6 HP.

The Deeplurker shines when paired with Kelya. The +1 speed and +1 armor makes this creature an absolute beast in battle. Eliminating those low health opponents isn't a problem.


The Battle

Rules of Combat
Modifications: Stampede, Broken Arrow
Mana Cap: 42
Playable Splinters: Fire, Water and Life
Link to full battle

My lineup
Position Card Mana Cost Comment
Summoner 4 I selected Kelya since this best suits my melee damage gameplay. I am using the double tap strategy using monsters with opportunity for a higher chance of eliminating the annoying low health monsters. The +1 speed will make my monsters to attack first while the +1 armor increases their sustain capabilities.
Position 1 - Tank 8 I selected the Sea Giant for my tank. I love this tank since it's able to soak a lot of damage because of its high health and healing capabilities. It's thorns ability allows it to deal extra damage to the opponent's melee attackers.
Position 2 - Pseudo Tank 7 The Flying Squid offers additional damage to the opponent's tank. More Importantly, at level 6, it gets the Blind ability. You can see how important this is in the battle below.
Position 3 - Hunter 1 4 Decent damage and can eliminate low health monsters. The first tap to the double tap strategy. Also with its Scavenger ability, I am confident it will be able to last longer when monsters from both sides start dying.
Position 4 - Hunter 2 6 The main star of the show. Ridiculous damage and can easily eliminate low health monsters. The second tap to the double tap strategy.
Position 5 - Magic 1 7 I would have loved to put some range attack monster here but due to the rulesets, I added some magic damage instead for variety. The Resurrect allows my team to soak additional damage while the Inspire makes my melee monsters more lethal.
Position 6 - Magic 2 6 I was torn between Sea Genie and Spirit Miner for this last slot. The Spirit Miner offers +1 speed but I though I already have enough speed with this lineup so might as well choose the +1 HP. This proved to be the correct decision. You'll see why when you watch the battle below.
Rounds Breakdown


Facing a Yodin with a level 3 Magnor is always scary. With the stampede ruleset in effect, Magnor can easily wipe out a team with its insane damage and residual damage dealt by Yodin's blast. But man oh man, my Flying Squid did him dirty with blind. He miserably misses and Deeplurker goes to work, poisoning Magnor and killing him at the end of the 1st round! 16 health? No problemo!


With Magnor gone, it's pretty much smooth sailing for me now. The Deeplurker and Feasting Seaweed goes ham eliminating the Serpentine Spy and the Flame Imp. I always use the double tap strategy to ensure a kill. It's either a double opportunity or a double sneak to pile on the damage or just consecutively eliminate low health target.


At the start of the 3rd round, the outcome's already decided. All my monsters need to do is to cleanup the opponent. Fineas Rage and Spirit Miner goes down with not much of a fight.


In the 4th round, the Tenyi striker manages to survive! Talk about tenacity! But we all know he's only on borrowed time.


In the 5th round, my Deeplurker closes the deal. Sayonara Tenyii Striker! You did well. 😉

Link to full battle

I know that this lineup could be further improved but with the limited cards I rented, I'm pretty happy with this and the outcome.


I have nothing but praises for the Deeplurker. Nevermind its out of this world appearance as long as it gets the job done. Still not convinced? Feel free to watch a couple more battles highlighting the ferocity of the Deeplurker:

VS Magic lineup - the hunt begins

VS Earth magic lineup - the hunt continues

VS Earth lineup - domination; double tapping in full swing

Hoping the battles above change your mind. Into the abyss we go.


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