Favorite Common Cards in Gold League - Part I


It's been a while since I wrote something that can help out other players so I thought I'll write something what I normally rent to grind in the Gold league. Just a little background, I usually finish with a rating of 2900-3000 for several seasons now. My highest rating is 3151. I tried grinding in the Diamond league three seasons ago but it's hard to compete with Gold League cards so I didn't bother trying again. Diamond cards are too expensive for me and the competition's wilder. I don't rent fancy cards like Selenia Sky, Sacred Llama Mage and Kron the Undying. I stick with the cheap ones to keep my rent low while still able to stay competitive.

Today, I'll be listing 3 common cards that I love and rent per splinter. Please note the cards below might not suit your playstyle or strategy but I really hope this helps you win more games.

So without further ado...


🔥🔥🔥 Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Monster Card Mana Cost Comment
2 Definitely in my top 5 sneak monsters in the game. Low mana cap? No problem. medium mana cap? Use some expensive monsters and you can still insert this in your line up. With a +1 melee attack buff from your summoner, you'll be dealing them 4 damage from behind! And look at its speed and HP! Need I say more?
3 Another cheap card for the Fire splinter. 4 attack, 6 speed and 2 HP. Look at this snake fly right at the start of the battle picking off those low health opponents. Sorry but I gotta say first to die as well when it hits enemies with thorns. LMAO. Damn you Mylor Crowling.
5 A mid-range cost card. This is my budget Fineas Rage. Best alternative for the second slot in my opinion. Watch this brute go crazy once the rage takes effect. Pretty obvious by now that I love melee damage when it comes to the fire splinter.

💧💧💧 Water 💧💧💧

Monster Card Mana Cost Comment
6 My favorite monster in the water splinter. Effectively hunts down opponents. Even if it hits the opponent's armor, it has a chance to deal its deadly poison. This is simply amazing considering this is a common card. Nothing fancy. This is the card that will work hard for you.
3 You should know by now that I love melee monsters. I prefer this over the old Sabre Shark since this bandit is faster. This is able to attack first and has a higher chance of evading as compared to the Sabre Shark.
6 If the mana cap permits and I'm using a melee lineup, I try to insert this crazy-ass shark as much as possible. This is a decent pseudo tank with its thorns but what I find invaluable is its +1 melee attack from its inspire ability.

I'm sorry Sea Monster, I really contemplated hard if I should include you.

🌿🌿🌿 Earth 🌿🌿🌿

Monster Card Mana Cost Comment
6 My favorite all around tank for the Earth Splinter. MORE THAN GRUND! Even without healers at the back, the Flesh Golem is able to sustain itself. And with void, it's also able to resist magic damage. Its worst enemy though is affliction. I'm looking at you Dr. Blight.
5 My recent favorite support monster for Earth. Since I normally go with sneak, opportunity monsters, Orc Sergeant perfectly compliements them. +1 melee damage anyone? Also helps bring down the opponent's tank. And more importantly, this is cheap to rent.😂
3 Favorite bird card in the game. I normally place this at the back so that it's able to pick off more enemies and when it's time for this bird to step up and tank for the team, it now has massive health.

I would love to go on but man it wasn't easy creating this list so I decided to post this in two parts. We'll round up the remaining splinters on the second part. Stay tuned and keep on grinding folks!


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