Favorite EPIC Cards for Gold League


Hey y'all! I'm back after a two week break from playing and writing. This time, I'm back with a post for my must rent series. Just a little background, I have been listing out all my must rent cards for the Gold League. The goal is to help players who want to venture out of the Silver League and give them an idea on what cards look like at a higher level. And since most guides are for beginners (bronze and silver), thought I'd write a guide for Gold.

If you've missed the previous ones, please check out the links below:

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Common Cards - Life, Death, Dragon and Neutral

As we go up in rarity, the cost of the cards go up as well. The fancier the card, the higher the rent price. Still, you'd be able to get some cheap cards (under 20 DEC) as long as you're patient (keep hitting that refresh button). Best way to get a good deal if you're playing on a daily basis? Configure a rent bid in Peakmonster.

Take note that you might not need rent all listed cards. Just pick one or two that suits your playstyle and strategy. I did my best to showcase newer cards but some older ones need to be included since the modern format is still not upon us (and these ones are really invaluable).

So without further ado, let's jump to it.


🔥🔥🔥 Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Monster Card Comment
Very versatile card especially in high mana regardless of your summoner but surely shines with Yodin. You can place this at the very back to utilize thick armour vs sneak attacks, or in front of opportunity/sneak monsters to shield them and let them do what they're meant to do. This can also act as tank during the no melee monsters ruleset. On top of that, it can stun your opponent to nullify their heal, attack etc. Great all around card for the fire splinter
More than the 4 Snipe damage, what I like about this is its synergy with melee monsters because of its inspire ability. Basically, adds +1 melee damage on top of the +1 from either Tarsa or Malric. Anyways, this is also usable even with Yodin. Ensures you're hitting your enemies with large range damage somewhere in the backline with residual damage to adjacent monsters from Yodin's blast.
I normally just field this monster to counter the poison effect in the Noxious Fumes ruleset. But now that I've see the stats at level 5, this couldn't get any better. The speed is not much so this definitely shines in the reverse speed ruleset. But this has thick armour and bulky HP. This has 5 damage which is coupled with piercing capability to tear through your opponents armour! And this gets to attack again if the retaliate triggers. Had they added trample, this will become a legendary card. Sold?

💧💧💧 Water 💧💧💧

Monster Card Comment
This is a no-brainer. Deals 2x 3 ranged damage. The damage offered by the Axemaster is no joke. The double strike works so well that if you're lucky to get rid of the armour on the first strike, the second goes directly to the HP. That's the beauty of the double strike ability. Its close range ability ensures that this is still firing arrows (or throwing axes) when it gets to the front.
This is the card that I'm trying to add to my deck. Low cost but deals decent damage. Know that most 4 mana cost ranged monsters are only dealing 3 damage at this level so 2 damage at 2 mana is brilliant. What's more important with Igor is that it can stun your opponents. Against healing tanks, when they get stunned, their healing or whatever ability they have gets nullified.
Spamming magic team has got to be the most braindead strategy ever. Hope I don't offend anyone. But with Alric or not, Nerissa already offers large magic damage at 4! This is sure to hurt that I even pair this with kelya to provide this with +1 armour instead for sustainability instead of boosting its magic damage. This has HUGE HP so you can sure to deal massive damage for a couple of rounds.

🌿🌿🌿 Earth 🌿🌿🌿

Monster Card Comment
This is a bit expensive but is one of the cards with the highest damage in the game. 6 Range damage and is sure to hurt due to its penetrate ability. Also punishes those annoying flying monsters with its snare ability. This also has a crazy synergy with either Prince Rennyn and Selenia Sky.
Another go to tank aside from the Unicorn Mustang and Flesh Golem. Gets Crazier when comboed with Orc Sergeant and Brownie for additional +2 melee attack. And when you get to kill your opponent, you get a bonus attack from its trample ability so you can attack up to 4x per turn. How about that?
This will be unusable in the modern format but I really have to add this monkeyboi. 1 mana monster that gives your team +1 speed and +1 melee damage. You really don't need a level 5 Brownie since both inspire and swiftness abilities are already available at level 4. Always a good addition to your team to boost their stats.

✨✨✨ Life ✨✨✨

Monster Card Comment
Cheap to rent being a reward card. This card provides a slight boost with its strengthen and sustains your backline with its triage ability. Triage is a welcome addition to the life splinter being a rare unique ability in the game. This will surely give your opponents a hard time taking down your backline unless they're double or triple tapping.
The bane of magic dealing monsters? Reflect + Amplify. Ohhhhhhhh this will melt them down. This card costs cheap, and easily paired with one of the best cards for Life Splinter, the Pelacor Conjurer. The affliction ability is just a little cherry on top to prevent your opponents from healing.
A card that I think is a bit underrated. This may have lower damage that Mitica Headhunter but this offers additional damage to adjacent monster with its blast ability. And this has the perfect synergy with the new life summoner General Sloan. When placed at the back, the forcefield will surprise you especially if your opponent has large-ass damage that does sneak. Sandworm? No prolem!

💀💀💀 Death 💀💀💀

Monster Card Comment
Deals 3 snipe magic damage, has reasonable speed and can hide from your opponents from the back. If your opponent is unlucky and fields a no-attack minion from pos2-6, its oppress skill will do wonders. Even if it has reflect!
I wanted to list the Gorlodon here but this card has found its way on my lineup more than the Gorlodon. This is an upgraded version of the chicken. It has tons of HP to take and survive snipe damage. In turn, it boosts the HP of other minions. Usable especially in low mana matches.
Provides a ton of utility: Deals decent magic damage, silences pesky magic line-ups while soaking up magic damage with its void, and is flying to survive an Earthquake ruleset. I know I promised a more recent cards list but you'll need this for sure while the modern format is still not out.

🐲🐲🐲 Dragon 🐲🐲🐲

Monster Card Comment
This is a super thick card. 6 Armour, 10 HP? That comes with thorns and 4 damage (boosted up to 6 with enrage)? This is a no-brainer tank for the Dragon Splinter. This card has saved me countless of times with either its huge damage or thorns.
Best option on the second spot for the dragon splinter. Deals 3 damage, is flying and has thorns! The thorns will punish your opponents when this gets to the front. You can even use this as tank in the little league and use the Twilight Basilisk in the 2nd position instead. When this rotates to the wild format, your next option here is the Twilight Basilisk which offers stun.
This monster offers 3 damage from the back. Quite thick at 7 HP and decent speed at 4. What I like about the dragon splinter is that a lot of monsters are flying. So this is a good addition especially for the Earthquake ruleset. I try to rent this whenever possible since its mana cost is not too expensive so you can include this in your deck most of the time.

⚔️⚔️⚔️ Neutral ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Monster Card Comment
Cheap card to rent for sure being a reward card. This sneak monster is pretty low mana that deals poison to your enemy's backline monsters, As long as the poison takes effect, it's done its job. Gotta love poison monsters. Who needs Waka anyway? I normally pair this with one or two more sneak monsters for a double/triple tap to guarantee death to your opponent.
Situational monster at best for rulesets Close Range, Super Sneak, Melee Mayhem to ensure it gets to utilize its 2 range attack and 3 melee damage for a whopping 5 Damage (2 attacks)!!! Now, this means that it gets twice the chance to kill a monster and trigger its trample ability. And when you're lucky and the retaliate triggers, it'll be dealing 10 damage.
Another card that doesn't have to be a level 5. I have been seeing this comboed with Thaddius Brood to easily clear out monsters with low HP since when it dies, the redemption ability triggers dealing 1 damage to all enemies. When comboed with Thaddius, you should be able to clear monsters with 2 HPs. But what's most important is its halving ability that cuts in half your opponent's damage. Probably the most unique in the game!


Final Words

Now that I've completed the epic cards list, what are your thoughts on the cards above?

Are there other epic cards that you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Next post would be for the Legendary Cards! Stay tuned and keep grinding! 💪


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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice list, it should be helpful to other players to know a bit more about the monsters from another player.