Favorite LEGENDARY Cards for Gold League



Hey y'all!

Hope you all are well. I'm back with another post to wrap up my must rent series. Just a little background, I have been listing out all my must rent cards for the Gold League. The goal is to help players who want to venture out of the Silver League and give them an idea on what cards look like at a higher level. And since most guides are for beginners (bronze and silver), thought I'd write a guide for Gold.

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Common Cards - Life, Death, Dragon and Neutral

Since we're now doing a list of legendary cards, big chance you'll have to spend some big DECs to rent them. If you're lucky, you'll be able to get a level 3 legendary from Chaos Legion for about 10-15 DEC. For older cards (Untamed, Reward, Dice etc), 20 DEC is a steal! If you want to get the cheapest, it's best to set up a bid in Peakmonster.

Take note that you might not need rent all listed cards. Just pick one or two that suits your playstyle and strategy. Having a legendary in your line-up makes a lot of difference. As usual, I'll try my best to showcase newer cards but some older ones might pop up here and there since the modern format is still not upon us (and these ones are really invaluable).

To get things rolling...untitled.gif

🔥🔥🔥 Fire 🔥🔥🔥

Monster Card Comment
The new fire king. This is a beast when used correctly. Being the very first monster with bloodlust, coupled with void armor at base level, it'd be crazy not to have this in your line-up. It also gains void and giant killer abilities at level 2 and 3 respectively. This combination of abilities make sure magic line-ups will have a hard time taking this down. Also, I gotta tell you, Grum reminds me of @aggroed. LOL
Magnor, the previous Fire King dethroned by Grum (personal opinion, I do not mean to offend anyone). 😅 With the increase in mana cap in battles, there'll be matches wherein you'll be able to field both Magnor and Grum which is totally bonkers! Magnor makes your opponent funnel all the attacks to him. And what will Magnor do? Go ham with its insane damage (buffed from rage) and if you're lucky, trample on them successively.
Here, I'm torn between the Elemental Phoenix and the Lord of Fire. The Lord of Fire provides the much needed Silence ability to counter magic line-ups (WHICH IS A LOT) while the Elemental Phoenix provides explosive damage courtesy of its blast ability. Considering the increase in mana cap on most games, I'm going with the Elemental Phoenix. 3 magic damage, chonky HP and is flying, it's enough to survive and outlast your opponents in earthquake and Noxious Fumes rulesets.

💧💧💧 Water 💧💧💧

Monster Card Comment
There are A LOT of great legendaries in the Water splinter so it's hard just to choose 3. But since I normally play with melee strategy, my first pick is River Hellondale. He possesses the inspire ability to boost your melee monster's damage. And his resurrect ability is crazy especially when coupled with Kelya's armor for increased survivability. How about when your Sea Monster dies, he resurrect's it, it heals, then it'd seem like nothing happened? Great synergy overall. Dispel ability at level 3 is just an icing on top of the cake.
For big mana fights, Djinn Oshannus is indispensable for me. Its forcefield at level 3 ensures that large-ass monster with damage of 5+ only gets to deal 1 damage at a time. On top of that, it gets the phase ability to dodge magic damage! It even works great with Kelya since its speed will be boosted to 6. Speed? Bulk? Abilities? Djinn Oshannus ticks all the boxes.
I would have listed the Phantom of the Abyss here BUT IT'S TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!!! If you have the budget, go ahead and rent that. If you dont' or you're not really a magic line-up user like me, go and rent a Baakjira. You can use this a lot in the nor melee monster ruleset. This fish is so thick, comes with, void, slow, strengthen and heal from levels 1-3 respectively. I've encountered this fish a lot of times and if your damage is not enough, it will just keep on healing itself. Even in Noxious fumes, the poison effect only tickles it a best. What poison?

🌿🌿🌿 Earth 🌿🌿🌿

Monster Card Comment
One of the best legendaries in the Chaos Legion set. No wonder this is the second most expensive card in the set (so far). This is the perfect middle monster. It gives everyone an armor, heals the backline, and amplifies thorn, reflect and return fire damage. Put the Unicorn Mustang at the front and it will amplify the magic damage reflected. Put the Mycelic Slipspawn at the back to absorb all the damage and heal it back to life. This is just so versatile and works with whatever strategy you have.
The Spirit of the Forest has 2 range snipe damage (meh), but has protect, tank heal and is flying! This is more of a utility legendary. Nothing flashy but sustains your line-up effectively. Ensures your tank sticks a lot longer than what your opponent anticipated. You can even use this as your tank in Close Range ruleset. It has 7 speed and is flying so it's impossible for most of the opponents monsters to tag this.
This is self-explanatory. Everyone knows who Kron the Undying is. Kron has 3 damage and heal, divine shield (meh) and last stand abilities. His abilities is what makes him broken. His magic damage is boosted to 5 when he enters last stand. The problem is, he's a bit predictable that you only need to boost him down using sneak monsters! But it's not like everyone can succeed especially if he's just healing or there's a triage monster in his team. THE QUESTION IS, ARE YOU WILLING TO SPEND LARGE AMOUNT OF DEC FOR HIM?

✨✨✨ Life ✨✨✨

Monster Card Comment
Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Kralus is the only monster not affected by Noxious Fumes and Earthquake rule set at base level. At level 2, Kralus has immunity, flying and healing abilities. With its heal ability, it can out-sustain the opponent's tank. It may not have crazy damage, Kralus is very versatile in its own right. At level 3, you get the strengthen bonus from this flying cat.
Another monster not affected by poison and earthquake but only at level 3. Adelade Brightwing has the important ability repair to ensure your line-up is able to keep their shields up. And worse comes to worst, Adelade can bring them back to life with its resurrect ability. One of the most ANNOYING strategy is the triple to quadruple resurrect strategy - Chanseus the Great + Angel of Light + High Priest Darius + Adelade Brightwing. Goodluck to your opponent in taking down your Shieldbearer. 👼
One of the underrated legendaries out there. I seldom see people use Bila the Radiant but when used right, man your enemies will pay! She may not look like much, but if you keep her safe somewhere in the middle, you'll be surprise by how much health she'll be able to leech off your enemies! Bila has better stats than the Ancient Lich for sure. And at level 3, she gains the stun ability to nullify your target's attack, heal, or whatever important abilities it may possess.

💀💀💀 Death 💀💀💀

Monster Card Comment
My favorite legendary for the Death Splinter so far. At base level, Lira the Dark already boasts of the Opportunity and Snare abilities. She gains the swiftness at level 3 which is brilliant boost to your team all around. The swiftness ability is very rare on the Death splinter since most Death monsters are already very quick on their feet. Imagine granting them + 1 more speed!
Djinn Muirat is not very common in battles.. meaning to say, you'll be able to rent this for cheap. What I love about this is as your very first non-melee monster in the backline to surprise your enemies with its reflect ability especially in the Target Practice ruleset. Also comes with void armor to protect it HP first and Giant Killer to punish those expensive tank monsters (Grum, Magnor).
I was torn between Harklaw and Dark Ha'on. Being the cheaper one, I went with this. LOL. Harklaw at level 3 possesses the abilities Shield, Immunity and Demoralize. Harklaw may not look like very tanky but he's surely very hard to take down. As I mentioned some posts ago, one of the best abilities a tank could have is the Shield. With Demoralize, he gets crazy synergy with Zintar Mortalis, Octopider and Disintegrator. They will render your opponent's melee monsters useless. They wouldn't even leave a scratch on your Harklaw!

🐲🐲🐲 Dragon 🐲🐲🐲

Monster Card Comment
Ho! Ho! What do we have here? A personal favourite since I was blessed to get a gold foil version from the air drops. 😉 The Carnage Tita is a great pseudo tank! It has reach and double strike abilities so it definitely punishes the opponent. I even tried pairing this with Grund for double the trouble and the match was so one-sided! When this finally gets to the front, its shield ability will be on full display along with its 7 armor. What a joy to use.
Let's not kid ourselves. This is Spiderman. Spideydragonman? There's just so many great dragon cards and Dragon Jumper is one of them. At level 3, he shines with 4 damage, opportunity and stun abilities. If the target is flying, he'll make them crash to the ground with his snare ability. His stun is so damn good that whenever it takes effect, his target is basically useless. A MUST RENT FOR SURE.
Did Anyone order fireworks? The Chaos Dragon is 14 mana so may not be usable all the time but fits perfectly in high mana matches. Come with blast, blind and scattershot at level 3 so it'll decimate your opponents from everywhere. The Chaos Dragon is so unpredictable that I normally place this at the back so I get to enjoy the madness this dragon brings.

⚔️⚔️⚔️ Neutral ⚔️⚔️⚔️

Monster Card Comment
The Chain Golem sf one of the best all-rounder tanks. At level 3, this offers shield, void and piercing abilities. Not only is this golem able to soften melee and range damage but also magic damage because of its void ability. This doesn't have the best speed though but in reverse speed ruleset, your opponents will definitely feel his damage. Best when paired with +1 damage or +1 speed summoner.
THE CARD I WISH I HAD. 😭 I never really like Dr. Blight when he was first announced. I thought his stats were so underwhelming that he'd be useless in combat. Man, I couldn't be more wrong! His abilities are so stacked that he'll punish you in everyway! At level 3, he'd give you poison even if you don't want it. He'd give you affliction so your bulky tanks aren't healing. He'd grow in HP whenever a monster dies in the battlefield. And the worst part? You can't even touch him because of his camouflage ability. Is John Cena behind the mask????
Can someone please tell me how an eyeball became a legendary card????? Even the one who wrote the lore didn't know where it came from. LMAO. But on a serious note, Cornealus is one of my go to cards before. At level 3, it has heal, thorns and return fire abilities. This is perfect at the very back to punish those naughty sneak monsters. Its healing ability is perfect to out-sustain your enemies and even enough to survive poison and earthquake. This serves as a great tank as well in close range ruleset. I can't remember how many times I've been punished by a Cornealus tank. Its return fire ability will also punish those who will attempt to snipe it.

All cards are listed in gold foil for the extra bling. 😂 😂 😂


Final Words

This series has finally come to an end after 6 weeks! Hoping you guys and gals have picked up a thing or two from this series.

What are your thoughts on the cards above? Which one will you rent or would like to take for a spin?

Are there other legendary cards that you think should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below! :)

I am still thinking on what series to post next! Any suggestions? Stay tuned and keep grinding! 💪


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